Butter is deadly dangerous?

British cardiologist and surgeon Shiam Kolvekar, who works in the hospital of the University College of London, notes the ever-increasing number of heart attacks and strokes not only in Britain, but all over the world. The doctor also found the root of evil - butter, on the official ban of which he now insists. This is reported by the BBC.

"Banning butter and replacing it with margarine mixtures can reduce the daily intake of saturated fat by a person by 8 grams," Dr. Kolvekar estimated.

According to him, only in Britain from cardiovascular diseases, about 200 thousand people die per year, and at least a third of the cases can be caused by saturated fats. According to statistics, adults consume an average of 800 grams of such fats per month, which is 20% more than the recommended rate. The reduction of this indicator can save 35 thousand lives every year.

Statements by the cardiologist have already provoked an angry reaction from farmers and popular culinary shows in the country that saw in them signs of a return to a paternalistic society in which "the state considers it possible to interfere in the private life of people."