8 habits to improve

Our physical habits can affect our mood and make us positive emotions.

If you make small changes in their physical habits, this will benefit your health and mood.

Look at it this way. When you get good or bad news, it affects your mood, as well as physical changes can affect our emotions.

There are psychological studies that prove that our physical habits can affect our mood and make us positive emotions.

1. Pose force.

Your posture affects the hormone levels in the blood, which are directly related to our mood. There are several hormones that can have an impact on our mind.

For example, cortisol regulates stress levels in the blood. When this hormone is activated, you experience higher levels of stress.

On the other hand, testosterone hormone considered confidence. The more testosterone passes through the blood, the better you feel.

According to research conducted by psychologist Amy Cuddy when you take a position of strength, the level of testosterone in the blood increases and decreases the level of cortisol.

This allows you to be more confident and realize their promise.

2. Physical contact

Did you know that oxytocin is called the hormone of love? He has a positive effect on our emotional state. When oxytocin levels increased, it allows you to feel more calm and relaxed.

Oxytocin makes us more resilient to negative developments and threats coming from the outside world.

Oxytocin is released faster when physical contact between people, such as a handshake, a hug, a pat on the shoulder and even orgasm.

Contact us with warm and soft surface also promotes the release of oxytocin.

3. Smile

Your facial muscles have the same powerful effect on emotions, as well as hormones. If you make it a habit to smile, you'll notice how your mood will quickly change for the better.

When you smile, your brain starts to see the world and your positive attitude toward the world is changing for the better.

When you frown, you start the reverse process, and even the good things can not cheer you up.

4. Constantly move

Whenever you want to perform the exercise, you do not have time to go to the gym, go for a walk or work out at home?

If you think that playing sports - it's boring, then you are wrong. There is a huge amount of exercise options that will help you fall in love with exercise.

One of the best ways to train the brain to the need for movement - to give up any excuse not to do it.

Try wearing a tracksuit to work when you allow it to do the dress code. So you can not tell yourself that you have forgotten form.

5. Take care of your skin

Leather - a reflection of what is happening inside the body. Many skin diseases, such as acne, eczema and psoriasis are associated with stress.

Daily cleansing and moisturizing the skin not only help you look better, but feel better.

When you care for yourself, you will be pleased to know that you are doing it for the sake of their health and to improve mood.

6. Sing

Who said that to sing, you need to have a good voice or calling? Sometimes all you have to do - the desire. Of course, if you're ashamed to sing karaoke, you do not have to do that. Suffice it to sing in the shower or simply when it is very desirable.

Singing lifts the mood and helps the brain produce serotonin and tryptophan - the hormones which affect our moods.

In addition, it helps us to raise self-esteem, improves memory and can even cure the pain.

7. Keep track of your diet

It is well known that people who are well nourished, less likely to suffer from mental and psychiatric disorders, such as:

mood changes.

That's why you should pay special attention to what you eat. This does not mean that your diet have to be boring.

Today, we can afford to choose from a large number of healthy and delicious food.

8. Take care of yourself

If you do not take care of your beauty, your mood can significantly worsen. The way you perceive yourself and how others see you, is very important.

Take some time to care for themselves. This will help you stay in a good mood.

Remember that your appearance - it's your business card. It is very important to your appearance reflect what is inside. Try to treat everything with a smile and a positive.

This will allow you to react differently to things and not focus on the negative memories and impressions.

It is best to leave everything aside and help themselves improve mood.