How to avoid overeating during

Women can be divided into two categories: those who in times of stress completely lost appetite, and those who have a hard time desperately "seizes" their favorite goodies, in the role of not only small, but great joys, which in some point life is not enough. But abdomen holiday can turn into extra pounds. So how do you control your diet, if you are experiencing stress?

Assess the strength of his desire EAT

Was there a single case when your stress eating of remembrance is not "in a fog", but as a deliberate and informed decision? We are willing to bet that there is. Even if you have already forced himself to stand up and move towards the food, force yourself to stop and wait at least another five minutes. Say to yourself: "If in five minutes I just want to eat, I will not restrain myself." It is possible that in a minute, and you forget about the sudden hunger, and about the ensuing requirement to wait. So the fight is no longer necessary.


Has it ever happened to you that matters, does not want to end, forced to completely forget about dinner, and even about dinner? Then there is no need to explain why at the time of the X - when the hand reaches for another sweets - do cleaning or playing with the pet will be the salvation of your figure. But it's best to go for a walk or jog. So you vo-pervyh, change the situation, and the probability of being surrounded by edible chem-to will be reduced to a minimum, vo-vtoryh, burn a couple of hundred calories, and v-tretih, lift your mood - physical activity, usually helps to "shake things up "and get rid of unpleasant thoughts.

Do not immediately jump on meal after a hard day

The time when overeating occurs most frequently - night. It works the same scenario: a bad day behind, you rush home and perhaps first of all, just by clicking the threshold, set off a hearty dinner in a relaxed and cozy environment - a kind of "rest" and a way to relieve fatigue. Experts offer to try a different tactic against the evening eating: rather than at the behest of hunger sit at the table, try to at least 20 minutes to carry out other types of "rest". Communicate with home, take a shower, water the flowers - approach anything as long as it allowed a little distracted by worries, relieve tension and adjust a positive way. You'd be surprised, but even after a small amount of time spent on these pursuits, you will no longer suffer from hunger.


If the period of stress your lunches and dinners are served alone with a plate, then lost in sad thoughts, no one has yet carefree chatter distracts you (or a serious conversation) will not notice how much eaten. Another option - especially acutely aware of the lack of communication, you make up a larger portion of its food. Having a buddy at your desk, you're exchanging with them phrases in the process of eating, stretch the meal - during this time comes a feeling of satiety, and supplements you already do not want to. So dine in the company is not only useful for the emotional state, but also for the figure. More about the stress and excess weight.


How to avoid overeating during stressaEtot life hacking is to save the excess food intake, which can hardly be controlled, if you are overcome by a passionate desire to drown out every other feeling a sense of satiety. Once you feel that you desperately need to replenish something your stomach, eat chewing gum. It helps the digestive system to cheat. It is best to gum was mint. Why? Mint taste will distort the true taste of all other products, if after the gum you take for something else. A salty chips with mint or mint fries or grilled meat with mint you are unlikely to want to eat.

Drink a glass of water

Another "snag": instead of being on the first call to fill his stomach with food, drink a glass of water. What for? It is believed that thirst is often mistaken for hunger, so do not hurry. If this is a false hunger, half an hour later it will be (due to stomach fluids would no longer be empty and stop "complaining" to your inattention); If nagging feeling will stay with you, then really you need to eat, and you can make a meal without remorse.


If you log into your kitchen are evident here and there behind the packaging of sweets and biscuits, sweet bars, packs of crisps and crackers - it is not surprising that at a critical moment, when the disorder will need to urgently "to seize" all they reach the first pass. If, however, on the kitchen table, next to a cooker and a microwave oven, on shelves higher and lower will be peace and quiet, you would never have hooked view is nothing to provoke the stomach. However, not finding anything edible in the kitchen can only be very upset, but better it will be sad for a minute uneaten chocolate bar than bitter tears at the sight of the numbers on the scales.

By the way, at the end of last year, scientists from The Ohio State University was able to find out what products are the most dangerous for the figure at a time when you are experiencing stress. The reason is that they slow down the metabolism and therefore are helpers in a set of extra pounds. It is unlikely that the list will surprise you, but we recommend to read it, given that its composition scientifically confirmed: donuts, cakes, cookies, salted nuts, potato chips, ice cream.