How to brew an excellent cup of tea: 5 simple steps

To those who believe that the culture of brewing tea - a delicate matter, experts have shared a few secrets that will help you turn a nice tea in a ritual for them and their health care.

On undisputed benefits of tea almost every day we are told more and more research: green tea prevents the risk of developing breast cancer, but black tea helps the body deal with diabetes. These and other valuable properties of tea will not let us underestimate this warming drink with a real healing properties.

Unfortunately, we regularly prepare your tea properly, breaking all the rules of welding and thereby destroying not only the taste, but also healing benefits of the beverage. Let's try to make the perfect cup of tea.

Water has a value

Good tea deserves good water, and therefore will never be lazy filtered water from the tap before boiling it. The water is very hard, with harmful impurities or high iron content, or simply unpleasant smelling can ruin even the most delicious tea in the world. If you can not clean the tap water yourself using a good filter, use for making your tea soft spring bottled water.

Choose wisely tea

Not bad to have at home a couple of different teas for all occasions: for example, you can always make exactly the drink, which will raise your mood, relax or, conversely, invigorate, and even help to cope with the ailment.

Cough: bronchial spasm, causing your cough will help to remove thyme tea. This delicious herbal drink with a delicate aroma, you can cook yourself, and you can buy ready-mix in the store. The earthenware teapot, pour 2-3 spoons of thyme leaves, cover with hot water and let it brew for 15 minutes.

For glowing skin: suitable for both green and white tea - they contain powerful antioxidants that improve skin condition, struggling with her premature aging and protects against toxic pollution.

To promote health: Green tea - a universal healing drink, that will help keep your body in good shape and will certainly give him strength. It is necessary to drink green tea regularly.

From abdominal pain: teas with chamomile and mint help to relax the smooth muscles of the stomach. Both tea possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, help to relieve acute pain and lead to normal metabolism.

From stress: choose black tea, because it is better than all other teas reduces the level of stress hormone - cortisol. Add to it a little bit of fresh mint - so you definitely get rid of stress, calm down and relax.

Brew correctly

In order to properly brew tea, you need a porcelain or earthenware teapot (not recommended to use metal). Be sure to warm the teapot before pouring the water will go.

Do not pour boiling water over the tea - it will destroy all the flavor and aroma of tea. Catch the moment when the water starts to boil in the kettle, filled with small white bubbles rising from the bottom - in such water of tea leaves unfold best.

The simplest formula for the correct dosage of welding is as follows: one teaspoon per cup, and another - for the teapot. In general, it is best to stick to this advice, but with some caveats: hard water, large leaf tea and green tea leaves require more, but for the broken-leaf tea, on the contrary, requires less welding. Do not put tea in the teapot slide and stomping around the tea leaves teapot before pouring it with water.

Pour the tea water and stir it a bit. Insist tea as much time as he needs variety. This stage is the most important, because it was he who determines the taste of the finished beverage. Black tea is made for about 5 minutes, green, white and red teas - about 3. If you brew herbal tea or collection, which until now were not familiar with, do not be lazy to look the most detailed information about the rules of its leaves.

Nothing extra

Delicious, flavorful, properly brewed tea requires no additives, so do not spoil it with sugar or milk. Dietary proteins contained in the milk is almost completely neutralized all valuable antioxidants in tea and sugar for nothing and say harmful in itself, it also would kill all the subtle flavors of fresh tea. If you want sweet, it is better to add a spoonful of honey drink or eat a piece of dark chocolate.

Each time try new

If simple teas began to seem you are too monotonous, try to experiment by adding different spices to drink, for example, a stick of cinnamon, cloves and ginger. A slice of lemon nice quicken as black and green tea.

Try to learn something new and to brew tea for recipes of various peoples: if you have never tried to cook by yourself popular Indian masala tea, it's time to do it - his wonderful spicy flavor hardly leave you indifferent. Or maybe you like the unusual Moroccan mint tea?

Pour your favorite drink in the beautiful cup, will not take the time and enjoy the process. Tea - a drink for all occasions, and so try to give him as much preparation time as needed - then a cup of tea, not only will not disappoint you, but it will bring harmony and benefit.