The exact start of the countdown of aging can not be established

Set an exact count of the beginning of aging - in 3539 or 45 years - it is not possible, said the chief geriatrician Ukraine Vera Tchaikovsky.

Commenting on the information that, according to American scientists, aging begins at age 39 geriatrician said that to establish an accurate count of the start of the aging of the human body is almost impossible.

In geriatrics raise doubts as Western scholars study that aging begins with the disappearance of the so-called "youth molecule" and the accumulation of "molecular age."

"If people knew these" molecules "would all be young forever and did not age. This information is, in my opinion, served more to the public ", - the expert believes.

Tchaikovsky advises to follow the well-known rules, as long as possible to preserve the health and youthfulness.

"First and foremost it is a healthy lifestyle that is physical activity. Be sure to "push" themselves on the street, to breathe the air, to walk. And best of all walks. We must work without tension, not as we supposedly have a rest in the garden. We arrived there and think, from what I start "to rest." Similarly, the house we always find a job - my windows, dishes, wash, etc. Our Academician Dmitry Chebotarev, the name of which is our Institute of Gerontology, said: "Do not wait until you have a second wind will be. The main thing is that the first did not stop. " If a person is to love yourself and be treated with respect to their health, the serious problems it will not. The same applies to exercise - can not in any case run drive themselves without a coach and without some control. And second, you need a rule - is, of course, proper nutrition, "- says the expert.

Earlier, American scientists have established, on the basis of the average of that aging begins at 39 years old. The researchers conducted a survey of people aged 23-80 years. It was found that after 39 years in the human body decreases production of myelin that protects nerve cells from neuronal harmful effects. At the same age, as it turned out, we have the peak of human intellectual activity.