We find a simple way to extend the life of

A study initiated by researchers from Tufts University, USA, has allowed experts to conclude that each person is able to extend its own life. According to them, for this is just to start to control the intake of salt.

"Adequate intake of salt is more cost-effective way to reduce the number of deaths than the use of special drugs" - this is the conclusion of American Studies at the end of their project.

Scientists analyzed showgirl deaths from various diseases of the ten-year period. As a result, they came to the statement that excessive salt intake affects the incidence of the major organs of the body that correlate with a high risk of early exit from life.

Excessive salt intake is associated with the development of renal failure, gastric cancer and cardiovascular disorders, physicians ascertained.

The World Health Organization recommends a limit of 2000 mg of salt per day. According to the study authors, most people consume almost twice as much. Lowering this level, they would have made such an improvement in health, which would not give the use of drugs, the scientists believe.

"By reducing salt intake by only 200 mg per day, which is equivalent to one bag of chips, you can save your life," - said representatives of Tufts University.