7 ingredients that should not be added to the salad, if you want to lose weight

You of course immediately provided some of the items on this list, but we know that some of them will be a surprise to you. It often happens that you put in the salad ingredients that you think it is useful, but they do not fit, if you aim to lose weight.

So, if you lose weight - this is your goal, remember these 7 ingredients and try to replace them with more useful options.

1. Bacon

This component can add to your salad to 400 calories and 30 grams of fat per serving.

Of course, it all depends on the amount of bacon, but in any case, your salad will be much less high-calorie diet and more.

On the other hand, many kinds of bacon, meat is not made, therefore have no nutritional value.

In fact, these foods contain a lot of salt, trans fats, and whether you believe it or not, sugar.

If you want to add to your salad something crunchy, try vegetables such as radishes and peppers.

2. Toast croutons or

This may not be the most harmful option when it comes to diet to lose weight for the purpose, but crunches only add unnecessary calories without providing any nutritional value.

Yet it is worth considering that most of them are fried to give them a taste and aroma, so you will get in addition also unnecessary fats.

An adequate amount of croutons for the salad is only 2 tablespoons, which is equivalent to two slices of bread. Usually, a standard amount of salad croutons adds about 100 calories or more.

Croutons can replace a couple of tablespoons of sesame or sunflower seeds. They not only give the salad a crunchy texture, but also provide valuable fiber, and other substances necessary to lose weight.

3. fried

Ingredients such as chicken, shrimp or fish are very useful in a salad, but do not fry them. Fried foods are full of fat and calories, even if they are useful to prepare the oil, such as olive.

A good way to avoid these harmful products, especially if you eat out, this carefully read the menu. All of the items in front of which is "crisp", "fish sticks", "a crust" or "free" is mentally erase.

Many Asian salads and dishes contain certain foods fried. If you are unsure, it is better to ask the chef and ask to replace them with another ingredient, or cook on the grill.

4. Refueling

Maybe your salad is made from the most healthy and nutritious ingredients, but choosing the wrong filling, you can easily destroy the entire benefit.

If you do not believe me, look at how many calories they contain popular sauces (100 g):

Mayonnaise: 680 calories and 75 grams of fat.
Ranchero Sauce: 219 calories and 17 grams of fat.

Sauces are low in fat are also not the best choice, since many commercial brands add sugar to compensate for the lack of fat. They calories usually ranges from 60 to 80 per serving (2 tablespoons).

Vinaigrette (filling with olive oil and lemon juice) are one option, "safe" for your waistline. But it is necessary to prepare their own and do not abuse the number.

5. Meats

It is best to avoid them. Sausage is one of the most popular ingredients for the salad, but did you know that one thin slice contains 43 calories and 3 grams of fat?

This may not seem like much, but if we take into account that portion of salad can contain from 4 to 5 slices of sausage, the amount obtained impressive.

Chicken, turkey or turkey ham - these are the ingredients that can be added to your salad as a useful alternative.

Meats are high in salt, so they increase the intake of sodium. Boiled beef, provided that it is lean meat, is another good option.

6. Honey Glaze

Chicken or pork in honey glaze is not the best combination for your salad. They are an excellent choice to give flavor and calorie content of your meal, but these ingredients should be avoided if you want to lose weight.

It is better to replace them with nuts or raisins. Try to add a little salad of walnuts, dried forest berries or almonds. This will allow you to achieve a sweet taste and get all the benefits of dried fruits, without excess calories and sugar.

7. Cheese

This is not necessarily harmful ingredients, especially if you choose light varieties. However, the most popular option, parmesan or cheddar are a source of saturated fat.

It is important to consider the number of calories that you add to the salad portion. If you want to lose weight, it is better not to add cheese at all.

If you can not imagine my life without cheese, make sure that it really is a real cheese, not "cheese product", which gives extra calories, no taste and nutritional value.

The recommended serving is 30 grams. You can use a digital scale to not add more cheese than necessary.

If you are trying to lose weight, prepare the house salads. Carefully read the product label to be absolutely sure what you eat better and count calories.

To lose weight quickly, it is necessary to supplement the diet with daily exercise and consult with your doctor before making any drastic changes in your life.