Doctors discovered how to teach yourself to eat less

Those who are trying to lose weight, scored due to power for a long period of holidays, can help find the Danish researchers. Employees of the University of Copenhagen conducted a series of experiments that demonstrated how to do it most effectively.

Although weight loss is often the most healthy option dishes recommended protein, scientists from Denmark say: this is not true. Experts note that there is a lot of evidence that the protein maintains a feeling of satiety, and protein diets promote weight loss. But, nevertheless, carried out experiments showed: there are more effective, and most importantly, healthy food ingredient, allows to be slim.

Copenhagen University officials said that such a component is a vegetable fibers. Provided that the fiber is combined with the protein to lose weight and food intake control can best ascertain doctors. The ideal product that meets this requirement, are legumes - beans, lentils, peas, etc.

In support of this conclusion are the results of experiments. They showed that people who were the basis of the diet of vegetarian dishes with a high level of protein and fiber - feel full much longer, ate less, showed no cravings for harmful snack and effectively lose weight.

"During the tests, 43 subjects were three options were offered meatballs, made with beans, beef, and pork. Our results showed that participants who ate the vegetarian burgers, were fed much longer and consume 12% less calories at the next meal ", - said, in particular, the authors of the project.