To speed up the metabolism, it is important to comply with the order

Even if you are trying to lose weight after the holidays - you should not be limited to lunch apple and biscuits - food should be varied and sufficient, it is important to comply with the order of dishes and combine them properly, says dietitian Lyudmila Babich.

Trying to keep the figure and indulging in a variety of products, we often grab just a piece - a small piece of sausage, and then, unable to bear the pangs of hunger, eat a cracker, then there is a desire to seize it with a piece of cheese, as well as at this stage, hurts not only hunger, and conscience - are drawn to the fruit. As a result - the benefits of such a dinner zero, unnecessary calories are obtained, and the expense is not the most useful products, and the porridge was formed, laments the doctor in the stomach.

Because, she says, it is better not to put yourself strict prohibitions, so you do not have to be broken, better balance the diet and help your body bounce back faster.

"Breakfast and lunch as opposed to dinner, must be a full meal, and consist of several courses. Moreover, when it comes to vegetables and greens - there should be 150-200 grams of meat or fish - a little less bread - thin slice wholegrain.
In this case, I suggest starting with lunch of salads or vegetable, for example, a tomato and greens. Firstly, they are useful, and secondly to stimulate the stomach, and most importantly for losing weight - vegetables with its "lightness" fill a large part of the stomach that allows you to experience the saturation of "faster - said the expert.

Babich advises not to give up the soup for lunch, but not from soups or greasy nourishing borscht. This dish people who are overweight and are actively struggling with this, can seldom afford. At the plate borscht calories are often lower than in the portions of meat and potatoes, in fact, many more traditional and seasoned it with sour cream!

Nutritionists advise to opt for a light vegetable soup or a light broth of poultry. This "set" of dishes for lunch is enough. Alternate these with your meal, meat. Just add to the salad boiled chicken breast, baked with herbs fish.

"In order to have the feeling of hunger is not pursued, include in the diet of foods rich in fiber. They long to digest, so you feel satiated, besides fiber helps gently cleanse the body of toxins. It is contained in the bran, cabbage, young peas, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, apples, carrots - the so-called cellulose. Another type of cellulose - hemicellulose - look in the cereal, sugar beet, Brussels sprouts and mustard sprouts. All of these products absorb water and thus quickly fill the stomach, in addition, because of this same property, they prevent the occurrence of constipation and is an excellent prevention of a variety of gastrointestinal diseases, "- said the expert.