Products from which you want to have even more

It would be logical to assume that if the food gives us almost all necessary substances, and the feeling of satiety, it must necessarily also bring. In fact, things are a little different.

We must carefully choose the food, if we want to have a small, but satisfying. That's the beginning of the 10 products that are virtually useless to stave off hunger.

White bread

The flour used for baking white bread is milled wheat grains, which are pre-stripped of the outer hard shell. At the same time it is reported bran grain nutrition, and their absence makes the meaningless consumption of white bread for insulin levels. A recent study by Spanish scientists shows that those who ate two servings of white bread a day are 40% more likely to earn overweight. Coincidence? I do not think.


Complete absence of supposedly healthy drinks dietary fiber negates all the benefits from the juice, which initially spur rise in blood sugar, then it will lead to the level of the original mark, leaving you alone with the growing hunger. To this did not happen, nutritionists recommend a mixed juice with mashed potatoes, protein powder or peanut paste which will balance your blood sugar and will feel more satiated.

Salty snacks

Craving for sweets after a bag of chips - a familiar situation, is not it? The thing is that all of these snacks - this is a great set of rapidly digestible simple carbohydrates, which are satisfied with the level of insulin in the blood, "roller coaster." And since our brain used to associate a rapid influx of energy with a sweet, then continue right after the salty want something in the same energy saturation. You can even eat to satiety salty snacks, but the brain will still want to squeeze themselves in at least one more chocolate.

Fast Food

Literally every ingredient in the modern fast food is matched with the purpose that you want to order something else. For example, trans fats inflame the intestine, impairing the body's ability to produce dopamine and serotonin that control appetite and saturated fructose corn syrup causes a bout of "insulin panic." Even salt promotes dehydration, which in symptoms similar to the feeling of hunger!


Also understandable reaction to an appetizer portion can cause an attack of hunger in all three portions of almost any alcohol, is reduced by a third of the production of the hormone leptin, directly associated with satiety. In addition, alcohol reduces the supply of carbohydrates in the body, which wants to quickly compensate for the loss of something tasty.

White paste

White pasta - it's almost the same white bread, but deserves special mention, and here's why. Standard recommended serving size paste - half cups, while the boil to four restaurants in one portion. As a result, the body experiences an overload simple carbohydrates, and the pancreas produces insulin so that the blood sugar level falls and, voila, you're hungry again. And that we have about the composition of the sauces did not say a word!

Glutamate sodium.

An ingredient in large quantities found in canned food, is known for having quite strongly stimulates the appetite, causing obesity in those who eat it regularly, almost 3 times more likely than those who avoid monosodium glutamate. Over time, the effects of compounds on the hypothalamus only increases, and therefore, there you will be more and more often.

Sushi rolls

As much as we might wish to eat plenty of seafood with Japanese round dishes, but they will always be more rice than all the rest. For example, the popular roll "California" nutritionists reveal everything about the composition, in which as many as more than 30 grams of carbohydrate, or simply 3 slices of white bread. If for a meal followed by nothing else, the stomach very quickly "master" abandoned him rice, and then we will ask for supplements of fiber or protein.

Artificial sweeteners

whether they are part of a meal or just you sweetens them their coffee, but artificial sweeteners like aspartame or saccharin just make a fool of brain cells, causing them to believe that the sweet portion of energy is on the way. During disappointment followed retribution in the form of a permanent desire to eat sweet, which over time can affect hunger control centers of the brain.


No matter how great the pizza, one can not help but eat just one slice of pizza. The thing is combination of our "favorite" of the white flour in the dough, hydrogenated oils, processed cheese and preservatives, which are guaranteed to reduce blood sugar and satiety hormones in the blood. In this respect, homemade pizza dough on whole grain with lean meat, lots of vegetables and dressing of grated cheese looks much more attractive from the point of saturation.