10 simple steps to wean themselves have a sweet tooth for 4 weeks

Doctors have proved that sugar is addictive is akin to the drug. He subdues your brain, making you wish for more ice cream and chocolate. Do you want to deal with a sweet tooth in the past month?

This plan will help you to gradually replace sugary foods to useful proteins and fats. The goal is not to once and for all abandon any sugar, and to bring it up to the amount recommended by doctors norms - 6 teaspoons a day. It is possible that after the completion of the program of your favorite cakes will seem too sweet, and ripe strawberries or watermelon - ideal for desserts.


We begin to gradually reduce the amount of sugar.

1. Plan your meals for the day - in this case you do not have to snack biscuits or drink packaged juice, simply because you are very hungry, and nothing else at hand there.

2. You want sweet? Replace dessert delicious food. Fats and protein - should become components of each meal, if you want to get rid of cravings for sweets. Fats will allow you a pleasant feeling of satiety, and the protein stabilizes blood glucose levels, and thus the desire to eat cake or candy an hour after lunch will not be as strong. And do not try to limit your diet chicken breast and vegetable salad.

For example, homemade meatballs, shrimp salad and spoon of mayonnaise or chicken in breadcrumbs - a much better choice, since these dishes contain fats.

Also, do not forget about the green leafy vegetables, legumes, tofu, nuts, - all of these foods are rich in magnesium, and when this mineral is missing, craving for sweets increases. As a result of these changes, you will avoid sudden changes in blood glucose levels, and thus will not feel hungry and miserable.


Gradually wean from sugary drinks.

Sweet drinks and juices occupy first place among the foods with added sugar. Nevertheless, they are not able to meet the needs of amateur desserts, so limit yourself will not be too difficult.

1. Do you like sweet coffee? Prepare a drink with milk fat content of normal (perfect combination of protein and fat). Add cinnamon or vanilla to accentuate the taste. Not sweet enough? Try to start to reduce the usual amount of sugar by half, three days later reduce it by half.

2. You can not live without the sweet drinks? Prepare soda by mixing equal proportions of mineral water with gas and fruit juice. Every day, reduce the amount of juice, replacing it with mineral water. Experiment with flavors - for example, try to mix 2-3 kinds of juice, add a slice of lemon, ginger and a little cinnamon.


Go to the right snacks.

1. You need to make sure to always have at hand useful products for the snack - then the need for harmful products will come to naught.

2. Follow the rule of "protein + fat" and for snacking, and in addition it is important to avoid processed foods from white flour (eg, crackers, croutons or dried). Simple carbohydrates affect the body in the same way as sugar, - quickly acquires and releases glucose in blood. When you give up the simple carbohydrates, those areas of the brain that are responsible for the sweet tooth, calm down.

The correct (and sweet) choice.

- Nuts with pieces of dark chocolate.

- Natural yogurt with cinnamon, nuts and berries.

- Apple chips with cinnamon (wash, cut into thin slices, sprinkle with cinnamon, sprinkle with olive oil and bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 25 minutes).


Look for added sugars.

1. Study the composition of all the products buy in the store, to detect added sugars. This technique will allow you to significantly reduce the habitual consumption of sugar. For example, buy unsweetened cereal, and eat them with milk and fruit. You used to buy ready-made salad dressings? Replace it with a mixture of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. How much sugar is contained in cereals, which you usually buy? A good option - less than 2 grams per slice.

2. Do not turn the control over the amount of sweets in constant stress. Some proponents of a healthy diet, for example, only eat jam with fructose and low in sugar. If you eat a few spoonfuls of jam or preserves normal, there is nothing to worry about. You can not get sick or collect 15 kilograms of candy or a spoon of jam.

3. Gradually you will begin to notice what may be sweet pear or melon, nuts, yogurt, and chocolate chip cookies. You can slowly with relish to eat one and leave it at that. Congratulations! Now you control the sugar, but he is not you.