Named products that cause food who

Next time, think twice before for lunch order his burgers and fries. American study has shown that eating foods rich in protein and salt can not only cause a feeling of increased fatigue, but also lead to so-called "food coma".

Scientists from Bowling Green State University in Ohio found that lovers especially large portions may fall into the food someone (postprandial sleepiness), when a person overcomes only one desire - to lie down and fall asleep. The results show that the cause of this condition is a salt and protein. This is a very "heavy products", so our body needs to work harder in order to digest them and take out the nutrients it needs.

Researchers have found that carbohydrates do not produce the same effect, in spite of the statements made by various nutritionists that was high-carbohydrate diet produces a state of drowsiness. To study the neurobiological connections between researchers used fruit flies fly food eating and sleeping. It also turned out that sugar is not the cause of a food coma.

Science has yet to discover why sleep helps us to digest proteins and salt, but it is clear that this condition is required by the body. Scientists emphasize that the food coma flies remained some time, they are much worse than react to external stimuli compared to its normal state. That is why, if you do not want to fall asleep in the middle of the day, for lunch need to choose some other foods.