Sea salt: 8 amazing benefits

Perhaps you think that the salt you use, you got to the table straight from the sea (sea salt). In a sense this is true, but before that she still had to go through a certain process.

Major transformation - is the elimination of certain minerals, namely magnesium and iodine, as well as the addition of potassium iodide, dextrose and "bleach".

This process makes a natural ingredient suitable for food, giving it a more attractive appearance and increase shelf life. Previously it was believed that sea salt can not consume without these transformations.

However, scientists have found out today that sea salt is not only "compatible" with the human body, but even very useful for him. Experts spoke about the 8 of its amazing benefits.

What is it, sea salt?

So, if you imagine the process of obtaining this product, it looks very natural. Salts simply allowed to dry in the sun.

It should be understood that the microscopic particles of the seas and oceans remain within it. This marine life, and even substances that are removed in the salt: minerals, iodine and magnesium.

If you leave the product in its "pure form", it will be less white (in comparison to what we are used to), as it will not contain the dye, which we mentioned above.
Even sea salt wetter than rock salt (sodium chloride), and its taste is more intense (salty). This should be considered when preparing food.

1. Strengthens the immune system

Minerals, which are stored in sea salt helps protective forces of the body to remain "vigilant." Therefore, sea salt is recommended to consume at the end of the summer. So your body will be much easier to cope with a drop in temperature.

Very often in inclement autumn weather we suffer from colds and the flu, the common cold, different viruses

2. Struggling with depression

Serotonin and melatonin - two hormones that are secreted by our brain for stress management. When we are in the doldrums, our head does not produce enough of these hormones, and therefore, sadness and stress get the best of us.

Sea salt helps to keep these hormones and keep them at the required level.

3. Improves circulation

Sea salt facilitates and improves our circulation. A blood known to be responsible for the oxygenation of the body, it is a substance essential for the correct execution of its functions.

If this does not happen, our body is overloaded and as a result, quickly tired. This alone justifies the property of sea salt consumption.

4. Helps fight obesity

Sea salt - alkaline product. This means that its action helps the stomach to produce substances that serve to remove from the body of all unnecessary and harmful, that is primarily fat.

And because sea salt is not only able to prevent heartburn, but also makes the digestive process faster and easier.

5. Reduces asthma attacks

The fact is that sea salt has also a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Some doctors even recommend putting it under the tongue in moments of crisis (inhaler achieved effect).

If you too are suffering from asthma, be sure to consult with your doctor before using any new (even the most natural) means. Do not self-medicate, it can lead to undesirable consequences.

6. Prevents osteoporosis and facilitates its symptoms.

Bones - it's not just calcium. After all, part of our skeleton is included, and salt, and it is 1/4! This means that if our bones there is something wrong, then the increase of the product in our diet will only benefit.

In addition, the minerals included in the nutritional composition of sea salt, is an essential (and necessary) addition for bone repair.

7. Eliminates spasms and cramps

Have you noticed that tennis players eat a banana in between sets? This is due to the fact that a lot of potassium banana, and he, in turn, nourishes our muscles.

So one of the advantages of sea salt is that it acts on our body similarly.

Even the salt helps to ensure that the muscles begin to more easily extract potassium from other products.

8. Balance amount of blood sugar

Sea salt is perfect for people with diabetes because it helps maintain blood sugar at the same level (within tolerance). So if you have problems with blood sugar levels, consider the inclusion of sea salt in your diet: it's natural insulin.

Useful properties of sea salt is so obvious that once people get to know about them, it is already very difficult to return to the salt consumption.

You quickly get used to this change, and very soon will not be wrong in the amount of added salt to their dishes. It is more salty than table, so start with a small pinch.