How to effectively lose weight without dieting

The popular belief that to lose weight quickly and many can not be firmly lodged in the minds of modern humans. Although this statement is out of date back to the early 2000s, most still believe that weight loss is not there other ways besides exorbitant diets and physical activity.

But research in the field of weight loss is not standing still. One of the discoveries of the last global years- Amazon chestnut, really works wonders!

Editors' MEDVESTNIKA "interviewed 8 doctors, nutritionists with years of experience and all in one voice said, that has long been recommended to eat every day to add a teaspoon of Liquid chestnut.

Emelyanov MY Nutritionist and endocrinologist (Work experience: more than 30 years)

Effect of Liquid chestnut on fat burning known since ancient times. "Everything is new - it is well forgotten old", this supplement is so accelerates metabolism, patients literally lose weight on the eyes. Some years ago clinical tests have been completed and finally confirmed that the brown liquid do not have any side effect.

Osipova EM Female dietician (Experience: 11 years)

The greatest effect Liquid chestnut have on women over 30-32 years. Sport and diet at this age already do not give a tangible result or the result is not permanent.

Use Liquid chestnut food activates the metabolic processes of the body and allows women to lose weight up to 7-10 kg per week.

Gavrilenko EA Endocrinologist (Work experience: more than 30 years)

The fact that the chestnut liquid to quickly lose weight by 7-10 kg per week, has long been a proven fact. But it was recently made another discovery. It was found that the liquid chestnut is an excellent prevention of menopause in women.

The question "Is it possible to lose weight by 20 kg per month on liquid chestnut" all doctors responded unequivocally: "Yes, really "

The doctor Yemelyanov practice there were cases of weight loss of 30 kilograms or more per month!

What is a brown liquid, and how can it help us? Let's deal

What is brown?

This sort of nut, is considered the most low-calorie, take, by the way, it is interesting. Chestnuts can cook and serve as a hearty side dish and can eat just pure, and the harm to the body is not.

Once scientists and nutritionists have identified this property in pohudatelnye chestnuts, the various manufacturers of dietary supplements taken advantage of this, and invented such a product as a liquid brown, which is a concentrate of chestnuts. Therefore, this dietary supplement is not recommended to take in large quantities. For optimal weight loss is enough every day to eat half a teaspoon of this product.

slimming effect will be on the rise: ie the first two weeks you will not feel the loss of 10-12 kg, but will leave the volume, and in the next two weeks will dramatically decrease the weight. This, plus slimming liquid chestnut: you go first volume, and then the weight.

Due to what you lose weight on a liquid chestnut?

One of the most potent component is a liquid chestnut powder guarana seeds.
Hauran - is a plant that suppresses appetite, has an active fat burning effect, tones and gives strength. It contains caffeine, theobromine and theophylline. In other words, it does everything you need to losing weight. Moreover, the process of losing weight is also by speeding up the metabolism of 4 times, ie, In simple terms the body begins to work as a watch, bringing all the toxins. One of the indisputable advantages of the use of liquid chestnut food, then, that the product has the properties to narrow the blood vessels, which prevents blood clots and varicose disease of the legs. Unfortunately, many women suffer from this disease. If a "blind eye" to the varicose veins, the consequences may be irreversible.

How to eat and lose weight on a liquid chestnut?

Eat half a teaspoon a day on a regular basis (ie every day). Because This product is universal, you can easily add it to your favorite juices, cereals, yogurts and more. If you do it right, then the first two weeks to lose from 8-10 cm in quantities of 5-9 kg in weight. And for the next two weeks, you can lose weight guaranteed by 10-20 kg. Lose weight for health!

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