How to stop overeating after

Christmas feasts are over and it is time to return to a normal diet. But how to do it?

The first thing to remember, do not sit down sharply on a rigid diet with great power constraints. In other words, if you eat all of 10 days, and then on Monday decide to only eat cucumbers and yogurt, then so you obviously do not help your body, and only lead it to malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, mood deterioration, physical activity, mental work , say nutritionists.

Why do you always want to eat? The main promoters of overeating

- Large amounts of salt and sugar;

- Rapid consumption of food;

- alcohol consumption;

- Lack of sleep or irregular sleep more than 3 consecutive days (as is the failure of the body's internal schedules);

- Passive output, and a sedentary lifestyle (lying on the couch or on the computer), but the large consumption of high-calorie food.

What to do to get back to good nutrition?

It is necessary to evaluate your diet for the New Year holidays and really understand whether you actually overeaten and the census, or is it more swelling because of the abundance of salinity in the diet.

Daily salad meals with plenty of mayonnaise, fried foods, sweets, pastries, alcohol, juices and fruit - this will give you your body mass addition of a couple of kilograms.

After such a meal should definitely abandon any salad with cream dressing, and any sweet pastries, all carbonated soft drinks, juices as a packaged and fresh.

Give yourself 1-2 fruit per day, prefer the vegetables in any form, meat /poultry /fish /seafood, 2 times a day, with a side dish of cereal /pasta, which have long been preparing. Protein foods more preferable than carbohydrate or fat rich. Pure water - your friend, try to eat at least 3 cups a day, preferably at the rate of 30 ml per kilogram of body weight. Do not add salt to food further.

Add to your diet products with live beneficial bifidobacteria, ie dairy products. They will help the digestion and absorption of food, reduce the burden on the liver.

If you are trying to stick to a proper diet, but good census, here you should give preference to water with lemon, mineral water, a protein food, and of course renounce violence of alcohol.

Get rid of the remnants of a feast in your refrigerator to avoid temptations to eat it all.

Try to spend more time outdoors. Do not assign a workout immediately after the holiday, your body has not moved away from the stress eating, and you give him more and explosive training. Better leisurely stroll, a little swim in the pool, go to the rink, or skiing, visit a museum, an exhibition or a theater.