How to eat, not to become a victim of the "weather" of depression

Depressive states and fatigue are often accompanied by low or, on the contrary, increased appetite, but experts advise not to succumb to this trend and adjust their mood with delicious and healthy products. This was reported by the physician Victoria Savitskaya.

"You can not make myself fully to dine? Limit salad, or force yourself to eat an apple, a couple of hours, drink tea and oatmeal cookies. It is also important to pamper yourself a delicious and beautiful dishes. For example, in depressive states recommended to consume fish and seafood, but it is necessary not just to cook or fry these products and say, nicely baked with cheese and herbs, garnish with diced vegetable dish as tasty dishes rises sharply, "- advises the doctor.

The doctor recommends eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably seasonal, as they are rich in vitamins and trace elements, and actively stimulate the production of endorphins.

"Everyone has heard of the hormone of joy, he called serotonin. Without activation of its production in the body, no pills, diet or views comedies will not help you. This hormone the body produces from tryptophan alone, but to start this process, it is necessary to the body, this amino acid is acted continuously and in sufficient quantity. Quick assets - chocolate, nuts, cheese. But to keep the effect should be included in the daily diet of a variety of products, "- said the expert.

At least a couple of times a week include in the diet of fish and seafood. Fatty acids Omega-3 are needed for normal functioning of the whole organism. Also found in fish and tryptophan, and vitamin D, and vitamin B6 boosts immunity and mood.

Seafood in its composition contain iodine, which is responsible for proper metabolism and good mood. Besides iodine affects the efficiency and activity of the brain. And to find this element can be not only in the shrimp, mussels, squid, but in the seaweed, which is incredibly useful product and should as much as possible to be present at our table.

The most common chicken eggs contain large amounts of vitamins A, B, E, D, amino acids and essential body "dose" of tryptophan for a morning recharging the body. Because it cost to maintain the tradition for breakfast boiled egg omelette or steam.

Bananas and chocolate - terrific products to uplift your mood. But apart from them, especially if you watch your figure, is to use as much as possible bright fruits and vegetables. Citrus fruits, pumpkin, bell pepper, carrots and beets can quickly charge a good mood thanks to the great content of vitamins and bioflavonoids, improve blood circulation of the brain that directly affects our mood and performance.

Add spices to your meals. Particularly well established in the fight against bad mood and depression nutmeg, green cardamom, star anise. In the evenings, good to drink soothing herbal teas.

Important to maintain a normal state of health and mind is selenium, which can be found in lean meat, seafood, cereals, legumes, nuts and sunflower seeds.

Do not forget about anti-oxidants, have a restorative effect on the body. They are present in large quantities in green tea, red wine, prunes and fresh fruit.