6 changes in lifestyle for women with endometriosis

If you suffer from stress or lack of sleep, there is a possibility that the symptoms of endometriosis you deteriorate. Experts in the treatment of this disease in Germany called 6 lifestyle changes that need to be taken in order to quickly defeat the disease.

Get enough sleep! Sleep is vital to the health and appearance of a person. Good people sleep the next day look nice and fresh. Lack of sleep mode or violating the particularly dangerous in the treatment of endometriosis, since they affect the endocrine system, which leads to changes in the allocation of the hormone estrogen.

Watch your weight! Many women going through treatment of endometriosis, are overweight. Doctors recommend to reduce weight with the help of well-organized diet and exercise. Keep a food diary for a special order to calculate the amount consumed and calories burned. You can download a special fitness app on the smartphone, which will facilitate the control.

Do not forget to play sports! The role of physical activity in reducing the excessive release of estrogen in the body well zadokumentirovanna. Although we all have days that you just want to lie in bed with a book and did not do anything significant, the researchers still recommend not to forget about the importance of physical activity.

Eat right! Include in your diet plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and healthy fats. Increase consumption of dietary fiber, reduce to a minimum the presence in the diet of processed foods, especially those containing sodium glutamate. Remember that even small changes in the diet is sometimes very positive effect on your health.

Avoid dependency! Stay away from alcohol, reduce dependence on caffeine. The liver is responsible for removing excess estrogen from the body. Alcohol disrupts hepatic function, increased caffeine levels of estrogen, which worsens the symptoms of endometriosis.

Reduce stress and relax! There is a direct link between stress and endometriosis. Women often face a lot of stress, and also more likely to suffer from endometriosis. Of course, it is easier to give advice to get rid of stress, and much more difficult to achieve the desired, but you still need to find some ways like yoga, meditation, or chat with friends.