8 medicinal products for your body to bounce back after

During the holidays you were resting, but your blood vessels, heart, kidneys, liver and nervous system working at full capacity. It's time to give them a rest.

About two weeks days of gluttony can not pass unnoticed. Heart, blood vessels, kidneys, liver, stomach and nervous system tried very hard these days to somehow cope with the rampant desire to have fun. It's time to repay the debt and to help them recover.

Experts have called the useful products that are sure to help you get in shape.

1. Sauerkraut

The most natural, familiar and traditional way to compensate for the lack of vitamin C in the winter. Pickling - the most gentle method of preservation, saving the maximum amount of nutrients in the product. The pickled cabbage is saved up to 85% of vitamin C, which is very rich. But it's not just vitamins - substances found in cabbage, helps to detoxify the liver and kidneys - wash them from the body.

2. Beet

Beetroot contains a substance called betanin. It is not only responsible for the bright red color of root crops, but also extremely important for the normal functioning of the liver. And with sauerkraut boiled beets, incidentally, is also a perfect match - is a double benefit.

3. Garlic, ginger and turmeric

The key ingredients of Indian cuisine - the most powerful natural antibiotics and antiseptics. Weakened gluttony body can easily pick up any infection, and spicy curry can help deal with the problem in the bud. Just cook it yourself - and you'll know exactly what the garlic, ginger and other vegetables in your dish fresh spices fragrant and flavorful because milled immediately before cooking, and butter a little bit - and that is how it should be in a good Indian cuisine, melted butter, and not some unknown cooking shortenings.

4. Algae

Who is the first association that arises in my head at the thought of edible seaweed - dark green plate dried leaves of nori that wraps sushi. In fact, it is not the best for detox choice for security and a brighter taste them abundantly prosalivayut before harvesting. Whether business seaweed. It is rich in iodine, which stimulates the metabolism and helps the body get rid of toxins.

5. Almonds

And about the liver again. Holiday overeating stimulates the formation of fat deposits around the liver - it not only violates her work, but also increases the risk of cancer of the body. It helps almonds - vitamin E, which is rich in this nut, lowers the risk of developing liver cancer. Enough to eat only 15 nuts a day to provide themselves with 16 mg of vitamin E, which is almost half reduces the risk of this dangerous disease.

6. Oily fish

If you do not smoke all the holidays, it certainly does not disdain tobacco significant part of your surroundings. To help the body cope with the impact of nicotine, you need fatty acids contained in fish. The fatter the fish you choose, the better.

7. White Tea

This kind of tea is held very gentle treatment. Freshly picked young spring leaves of tea tree are dried in ovens did not like all the other types of tea, and in the street, under the sun. During this time, tea time to oxidize slightly, due to this it is a little richer in tannins than green tea, but the taste maintains maximum freshness and lightness. The result is not only a great delicious drink, but also a great diuretic.

8. Mustard

One of the best natural metabolism boosters. 1 teaspoon mustard 25% accelerates metabolism, and this effect persists up to 5-6 hours. Mustard, most likely you will want to spice up a piece of meat, chicken or turkey, which is absolutely right, because protein-rich food stimulates the metabolism and burning calories, requiring about twice as much energy for its digestion than a similar amount of carbohydrates. Cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, beans - also excellent sources of protein, we should not neglect them.