How to quickly improve the condition when starting a cold

Headache, fever begins, the discomfort in the whole body Anyone familiar with these early signs of the disease. But what if now is ill can not be: in the evening presentation, or other important event, or all hands on deck at work. In short, you need to hold out a day before afford to get sick.

First of all it is necessary to assess the situation: it is the flu or SARS? In the first case, malaise is developing rapidly, in just a few hours after exposure to the infection: a sharply increased temperature (can up to 40 degrees), headache, feeling of discomfort may occur in the eyeballs, muscle pain, nausea and vomiting.

For influenza is characterized by the absence of a cold and cough at the initial stage. If you suspect the flu, doctors strongly recommend "surrender" immediately - to stay at home and call the doctor. Otherwise, fraught with complications, life-threatening.

If we are talking about SARS, we can compete on their own. The first signs of the disease - scratchy throat, runny nose and cough, as well as the temperature rise. Therefore, we must first make a "attack" on all the centers, which incite disease in the body.

5 steps how to quickly get to his feet when starting a cold

The first step - getting rid of the common cold

We need to start to wash out a nose a weak saline solution or infusion of chamomile, this procedure does not give the virus to gain a foothold in the mucous membrane and penetrate deeper.

Try to create a suitable climate in the room - turn the humidifier or place containers with water in the battery, so that the air is not too dry and not heated above 22 degrees. Often ventilate, so the infection does not spread. Help nasal drops or spray sea water.

Step Two - treat throat

Periodically gargle solution furatsilina or infusions of camomile or the following solution: 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp soda and 3-5 drops of iodine. Buy tablets or lozenges for sucking, or spray. On the neck - warm scarf.

Step Three - cope with cough

Proven remedy - inhalations with essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree and fir. Or - with herbs, such as sage, St. John's wort and plantain. Warm drinks - herbal tea with honey or just water.

Step Four - supporting immunity

If the temperature does not exceed 38.5 degrees, it is not necessary to take an antipyretic. This means that the body is struggling to fight infection. Help it can be reinforced in the dose of vitamin C - tablets, or citrus, or, for example, in the extract of grapefruit.

Step Five - rest for the body.

By taking these measures, you should give yourself the opportunity to gain strength. It is best to refrain from eating heavy, longer drink (fruit drinks, teas or water), go to bed and try to sleep.

In addition, a lot of drink. This advice is given and doctors, and healers. And absolutely right. Heavy drinking - this is one of the first steps that should be taken. To quickly recover from a cold manifestations, to help the body get rid of toxic substances such as viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

To do this, provide yourself a sufficient amount of liquid. This not only ordinary water. It is very well suited:

- Herbal teas and broths, ginger tea.

- Berry fruit drinks, in which a lot of vitamin C. For their preparation traditionally suited viburnum, red or black currant (I always have a supply of white, I like it more), buckthorn, cranberry.

- The usual hot tea with honey and lemon. And, do not forget that you need to have a honey spoon. Divorced too hot tea, honey loses most of its medicinal properties.

- Mineral water, better alkaline, but without gas.

All these measures will prevent the rapid development of the common cold, and mobilize the body. After a while you will feel better and be able to attend an event or hold an important meeting. But then - be sure to complete treatment started to chill out did not go deeper.