Researchers have found the perfect product for

The use of this inexpensive food product improves the conductivity of blood on the cardiovascular system and strengthen the muscle tissue of the myocardium. This conclusion was made by researchers from Denmark to the algae.

Men and women should regularly take in food seaweed, at least dry.

Physicians ascertained: the systematic use of seaweed in the diet improves health and is associated with reduced risk of death. In the study, they were asked to hospital patients add to their dishes dry seaweed.

"We've identified a pattern: if the food of those patients who have had heart problems, was attended by dry seaweed, even in small amounts - that health went on the mend, and his heart began to work better," - said the expert from Denmark.

According to researchers, it is advisable to water plants add to meat dishes - it provides them with useful fiber and help protect blood vessels from cholesterol accumulation.

Especially important are the algae in the treatment of atherosclerosis, the researchers noted.