Scientists have figured out how to quickly fades into a woman's heart love

Five years after the beginning of a love relationship a woman in most cases no longer feel the partner romantic feelings, even if initially they were quite strong and sincere. As reported by several media, with reference to recent scientific research, the main emotion that begins to cause the girl once very close friend, becomes irritated.

It is reported that in five years most women begin attending thought about changing partner. However, the new bright events that are going through a couple together, in many cases, help to overcome the crisis, experts suggest.

A few months ago it was reported that scientists have formulated three main conditions in the media, significantly increasing the likelihood that a marriage between a man and a woman was long and happy. The first of these conditions is declared roughly equal to the age of spouses - husband should be older than his wife is not more than six years.

The second key to a happy marriage announced the welfare of both spouses, and the third - a high IQ and his wife, first of all, my husband. By the way, a number of other studies have shown that in advanced countries, men, on the one hand, the value in women intelligence even more than the beauty of the (if we are not talking about the relationship deliberately short-term), but on the other hand, in many cases, some "are afraid" develop a lasting relationship with significantly more intelligent women than themselves.