Top 5 healthy drinks that prevent thin

We all know that the sweet drinks can cause a set of extra kilos, but even some of the so-called healthy drinks still be excluded from the diet, if you are planning to lose weight. 5 most harmful healthy beverage called nutritionists from the Netherlands.

Drinks with caffeine. All these latte, mocha, espresso, and other loved by many drinks provide us with energy in the morning, but they do not let you get closer to his goal and lose weight. The problem is that cream and sugar, sweetened milk and cause us to use a large amount of calories. If you generally can not do without these drinks, you make a choice in favor of black coffee without sugar.

Skimmed milk. According to a study published in the journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, drink skim milk or a drink with a percentage of fat people added more weight compared to those who drank full fat milk. Therefore, this seems to be a healthy drink still be excluded from the diet.

Cold tea. Ice tea drink seems quite healthy, but it does contain a lot of sugar. In some species of cold tea sugar level measured tablespoons, which is why its caloric content exceeds the limit. Boil tea house and cool it by adding a little lemon.

Smoothies. Yes, smoothies deservedly considered quite healthy choice, but everything depends on the ingredients. If your smoothie cup includes bananas, strawberries and a cup of a cup of milk, the calorie content of the drink will be very high. Therefore bananas mix with some seeds and non-fat yogurt, and not combine them with sugar or fatty foods.

Fruit juices. You should know that most natural juices contain large amounts of sugar and calories. Only one glass of grape juice of about 153.8 calories, while a cup of apple juice almost 200 calories. Therefore, limit the use of these, in general, healthy beverages to one drink a day.