5 Named products that actually contain a lot of salt

Anyone who cares about their health, trying to minimize the salt in your diet. In fact, it is not always so obvious. You'd be surprised, but in the products of this review it is contained much.

Proper diet is strictly necessary should be balanced and diverse. What does it mean? We can not exclude from the diet of certain substances and thus be healthy and energetic. In moderate amounts of body must receive all the necessary vitamins, minerals and elements.

This simple rule also applies to salt, which is a valuable source of sodium. Shortage and surplus of salt in the body are equally harmful. If you consume too much sodium, the metabolism is broken, the water retained in the body, there is chronic fatigue. The lack of salt is also no good does not, and manifests a lack of appetite, muscle weakness, problems with the nervous system.

Typically, to control the amount of salt, which enters the body, is quite simple. Just try not to eat fast food, smoking, salting and obviously salty foods and replace salt in the lemon juice. In some products contain sodium priori. This amount is generally optimal.

However, there are products in which, apparently, does not contain a lot of salt, but in fact it is, and in very large quantities. We strongly recommend to avoid them in the preparation of your ideal diet.


Many people think that appetizing bagel - it's beautiful and a useful alternative to sandwiches, burgers and toasts. Bagel firstly sounds appetizing, and secondly, it looks as appropriate: wholegrain round roll with nutrient seed.

But do not let that fool you. Bagels, despite its appetizing appearance, is fast food. Together with the snack you get unnecessary calories and excess salt. This is due to the fact that often the manufacture of rolls used baking powder, baking powder and salt. In the average bagel contains 560 milligrams of salt.

Alternative: Replace favorite bagel at the home of a sandwich of wholemeal bread.

Tomato sauce

Pasta with tomato sauce love almost everything. This is a favorite dinner, which fits perfectly into the usual dinner, a romantic dinner or friendly gatherings. This paste is easy to prepare. To do this, you do not need a lot of time and effort.

Do you wonder how much salt is contained in the tomato sauce, which you add to the pasta? In 1/2 cup of the sauce contains 20% of the daily norm, ie 440 milligrams of salt.

Alternative: you can cook tasty pasta with vegetables without adding sauce or tomato on favorite to replace the original vegetarian, in which the salt is not so much.

Vegetable juice from package.

On the shelves of supermarkets today you can find a variety of packaged juices to suit all tastes. Fruit variations blamed for the fact that this is the real "sugar bomb." And what is wrong with the vegetable juices?

Some prefer it to the juices of vegetables, believing that in them more useful and nutrients, including fiber. In fact, in such drinks is no good at all, but only preservatives, food additives, and quite a lot of salt. 250 ml on average contains about 410 milligrams of salt.

Alternative: cook vegetable juices yourself to be in full confidence that their composition there is nothing superfluous, and can and do replace them with mashed potatoes.


Cheese - it's pretty high-calorie and salty foods. Of course, this is not applicable to all species, and appetizing slice of cheese in the morning and did nothing wrong. But we should remember about the measure. Try once again to not add cheese to the pasta and salads. The extra calories and salt are not wanted.

By the way, all the favorite, and feta cheese, are considered mild cheeses, unfortunately, contain a lot of salt, and should not consider them a useful alternative.

Alternative: If you can not imagine my life without cheese, sometimes it would be nice to replace your favorite fatty varieties on the lungs.


Corn flakes - is a popular version of a hearty and nutritious breakfast. Many advocates of healthy lifestyles is selected such flakes to start your day. True, they did not think that the composition of cereal from the store is far from ideal.

They are usually quite a lot of sugar. If we are talking about corn flakes that are not related to sweet variants, in one serving of this product contains about 270 milligrams of salt.

Alternative: Replace cornflakes from the store to the home granola.