Cleansing the body of parasites

Recent studies have shown that the parasites infected with seven out of ten of our citizens. Many people do not realize that in their intestines, liver and heart even live parasites, having a negative effect on the body. Our fellow citizens are not even aware how dangerous can be the presence of parasites in the body. To help us discover the truth kindly agreed doctor parasitology, PhD Vladimir Borisov.

Vladimir, and what is the danger posed by parasites?

Let's start with the fact that parasites cause appreciable harm to the body. Especially strong blow feels immune system, which should protect our body against the development of it, "foreign life forms." First of all, getting into the body, the parasites attack the immune system, but rather make it weaker. As a result, it allows active reproduction of parasitic organisms and becomes unable to stop the development of many diseases. That is why people are infected with parasites are often sick.

The second kind of damage which is applied parasites is that they destroy the internal tissue. Parasites are continuously moved within the body and damaging injury and organs, which leads to many dangerous diseases.

It should be noted that the parasites consume nutrients. As a result, there is a deficiency of vital importance to human trace elements and vitamins. In addition, as a result of their ability to live parasites emit toxins that affect human health. parasites dangerous to underestimate the number of people and you need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

As the parasites enter the body? Can we ourselves determine infection or not?

Options penetration of parasites in the body a lot. For example, it is sufficient to drink water from a spring in your body just gets more than a million different small parasites. With strong immunity will be no problems, but with the water and may get larger eggs of parasites which the body is unable to fight. Poor prozhennaya fish or meat also contain a lot of parasites. Sushi made with raw fish, pose a threat of infection. A very simple - unwashed hands before eating. Ways of infection much.

To determine the parasites in the body need to be examined in the clinic. However, it should be understood that even this method is far from perfect. The fact that our Science 260 knows the existence of different types of vermin and many of them are poorly understood. And imagine how many other parasites, you can additionally bring from holiday abroad, for example from the southern states? Conduct a survey on the presence of such a large number of parasites can not no laboratory, whereby studies found 80% of harmful microorganisms. And they will continue to live safely in the liver and blood vessels.

Where to start getting rid of parasites?

Begin always with care. Keep the their homes, wash your hands before eating. Besides this, periodically clean the body. You will help many folk remedies or specially designed drugs with high efficiency. Personally, I do not advise to take the pills for execution of certain types of parasites and are to be used only on prescription, since by themselves are the strongest poisons.

The purification of the body from parasites are best left to the funds on the basis of plant components. For example, it is well to antiparasitic convent tea. The advantage of using this tea consist in the fact that it does not harm the health and performance compared with the strongest chemicals. However, it does not help for one or two steps - antiparasitic tea should be drunk within 21 days. During this period, the body is washed away most of the parasites present in the human body, it becomes more energetic, improves well-being, mood and performance.

This tea, I recommend to anyone who is suffering from parasites and prevention needs. External signs of infestation is very clearly - fatigue, unwillingness to do anything, fatigue, drowsiness. If a person has these symptoms, he should drink tea monastery. As a result, not only will have more power, but also improve health. Do not forget that we are aging parasites, and thus get rid of these people even superficially transformed.

Are there any contraindications to the use of tea? Where can I buy?

Restrictions are the same as in the majority of therapeutic agents. Tea is not recommended for allergic reactions to its member plants, and with extreme caution it should be used for pregnant women. Other restrictions and no contraindications, too. Tea is not harmful to the body, but it effectively removes the majority of parasites - various types of worms, fungi, unicellular (Chlamydia, Giardia, etc.).

Buy monastery antiparasitic tea can on official website. . I heard that now there are multiple fake, so use only verified information, because counterfeit products may harm your health instead of the expected benefits. Treatment of patients, I always start with the board to try tea with this site, because it was he who helps to cleanse from parasites completely.

Vladimir, thank you very much for the frank conversation.

For my part, I wish all of our readers to preserve their health, take care of yourself and your family and to remember that the longer the parasites live in the human body, the more damage they cause. Get rid of them, and you'll feel a lot better. Among Parasitologists doctors there is a saying - "if you want to start a new life, get rid of parasites." It is true.

Prepared Denis Prikhodko