What should I do to avoid getting fat in winter?

In winter, I want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and not go out of the house? It's hard not to put on weight, but there is good news: following a few simple rules, you can keep in shape.

During the long New Year holidays there is a risk score of 0.2-0.3% of its own weight. Add to that the weather conditions, often impede training in the street, and weight gain will be even more obvious. But do not rush to give up - we will tell you what to do to stay slim throughout the winter.

Add activity

Professional athletes train in the rain and snow, but if you're not ready to run in pyatnadtsatigradusny cold, try to regularly do the exercises at home or in the gym. Hours of training 4-5 times a week will help keep muscles in good tone and constantly burn calories. Play tennis, basketball, swimming in the pool, dancing or yoga - a great option for those who like cardio. In any case, you no longer have to think about how not to get better.

Break long workout into several short

A simple rule of thumb: if you do not have time for a full workout, break it into smaller pieces - engaged to 30 or even to 15 minutes several times a day. Fitness experts agree: the short-term training may be more effective than full, because they allow to keep your metabolism "zaved?nnym" throughout the day.

Less common snack in the cafe

Lunch in a cafe or restaurant on the average contains about 1000-1200 calories, so the easiest way to cut calories - just do not eat in such places. In addition, eating at home, it is easier to accurately calculate the caloric content of food and to avoid poisoning.

Activate brown fat

Brown fat is actively involved in thermoregulation of the body, helping to burn calories. However, with age, the amount thereof is reduced. How to make brown fat "work"? Try to spend the cold is not lower than 10-15 degrees for about an hour, for example, skiing or skating. So you burn almost 200 extra calories.

Do not refuse dinner.

Why deny yourself the pleasure when you can just do not overeat. In order not to be tempted to exceed the size of your portions, do not go hungry before lunch. If you do not feel very hungry, you'll eat less fast food. At the same time, try to give preference to protein dishes - they are well saturated with the body.

Count calories

The question of counting calories is one of the controversial. But, as shown by numerous studies, one who considers calories, losing weight is almost twice as fast as those who do not. It turns out that when you conduct counting, you are honest with yourself: are constantly getting accurate data and have the ability to better track changes. However, if you fail to strictly adhere to the plan (or power training), do not worry because every extra calories. Instead, focus on other things - you can change the eating habits, the number of meals or start to pay more attention to training. The main thing - do not get hung up on the numbers.

Satiety without calories

There are products that will help satisfy your hunger without the calories. In the first place - the natural fruits and vegetables, in which a lot of oxygen, and fiber. For example, apples contain about 25% oxygen. But the trick is to not eat apple After a hearty lunch and eat it on an empty stomach - before the main meal. Then your metabolism will be faster, more will come and the feeling of satiety. Also avoid overeating at dinner will help persimmon and cucumber, eaten as an appetizer. Following in the rating of "a wholesome - non-nutritive" are products that contain vegetable proteins. Choose a viscous food. For example, a portion of oatmeal, boiled on the water fills the stomach twice than flakes, cold food eaten. Although the main ingredient therein one.