What products can not drink carbonated beverages

Surely you've ever heard that carbonated drinks (especially sweet) much harm to our health. But despite the warnings people continue to consume these beverages. Because they are so popular with many of us.

Experts are ready to offer a new argument in favor of giving up soda. They said, with what products you should not drink carbonated beverages.

What products can not drink soda?

Very often we eat food, the combination of which can be dangerous to our health. The saddest thing that sometimes we do not even know about it!

Maybe you think that there is nothing dangerous in that, to complement delicious lunch or dinner, a glass of soda. In fact, things are not so simple. There are products which do not fit carbonated beverages, and mixing them much harm to our health.

So, what exactly the products in any case can not drink carbonated beverages?


Who of us can come up with the drinking milk with soda? Of course, we are not talking about how to pour a drink, both with one glass and drink. This refers to dishes, the preparation of which the milk used. They can be as salty as well as sweet.

These include spaghetti with cream sauce or cake made for the birthday. When the milk and soft drinks are mixed in the stomach, its acidity is greatly increased. As a result, we can disturb stomach pain, acid reflux and digestive disorders.


As in the previous case, we do not mean that there are people who are added to drinks, carbonated coffee. We are talking about when we drink soda for lunch, and then we order dessert with a cup of coffee.

The fact that coffee and cola contains large amounts of caffeine. It is therefore not recommended to use these drinks at dinner, because then you can be confusing difficulty falling asleep, insomnia and nightmares.

It is also worth adding that the ingestion of these two form a foamy beverage substance, resulting in greatly increased acidity. Because of this, you will feel the tension and you have a sore stomach.

Baked goods and baking

Not only a celebration complete without delicious pastries. If to this we add the carbonated beverages, it is clear that after such a table in the blood sugar level reaches dangerous levels.

Such a combination may increase the risk of heart failure.

Due to the high level of sugar in the blood will make you feel tense. So if you want to enjoy a delicious baking for the holiday table, it is recommended to give up cola and other types of soda.

Spicy dishes

Acute ingredients and spices, such as chili peppers, cumin or curry, give an interesting flavor notes of dishes. We should not forget that if it enters into our body, they cause a rise in body temperature. That is why sometimes after consuming these foods we have a thirst.

Think twice before to satisfy her soda.

Cola beverages at high temperatures, the sulfuric acid recovered. So if you think that soda will help you quench your thirst, or cool, you are deeply mistaken.

The only thing you will achieve in this case - to increase the amount of acid in the stomach.


Try a little experiment. Take the mint, toss it in a glass of Coke and you'll see what happens. The result will remind you a little blast! This is due to the fact that the effervescent candies react with gases beverage.

Now you can imagine what happens inside our bodies when we wash down with soda candies. Do not even think to try! The result of this chemical experiment will be severe pain in the stomach and other relatively dangerous consequences.

What happens to our bodies when we drink sweet drinks?

It does not matter whether we drink sweet drinks or just wash down her food. This drink is harmful to health. Some believe that it can be used for many purposes, but not in food. What happens to our bodies when we drink Coke?

After 10 minutes

Just one glass of cola contains 10 tablespoons of sugar. Yes it is. Needless to say, as it is harmful to our body.

Do not be fooled into thinking that the stake fills us with energy and helps to concentrate. Quenching thirst drink so violates the balance of sugar in the blood, which is quite dangerous.

After 20 minutes

After 20 minutes, the blood insulin level rapidly increased and the liver begins to work strenuously to transform the obtained sugar. The problem is that the sugar is converted into fat.

After 40 minutes

It begins to show the effect of caffeine: Our pupils dilate, and blood pressure rises. We cease to be tired, and our liver releases sugar into the blood.

After 45 minutes

Our body increases the production of dopamine. This hormone is responsible for stimulating parts of the brain responsible for pleasure.

That is why we like to drink carbonated drinks because of their effect resembles an impact on our body of drugs.

After 1 hour

However, from our organism urine output large amounts of calcium. In the future, it can cause osteoporosis, tooth loss and weakening of the bones, which is why the risk of fractures increases. Contained in the beverage phosphoric acid gives magnesium and zinc metabolism.

Diuretic effect, which has a stake, quite deceptive, because as a result of drinking soda from our body are derived not slag, and nutrients needed for vital functions in our body.

Therefore, after drinking a soda, we begin to experience fatigue and become irritable.