Morning sex: 10 reasons why it is useful

Morning sex improves health. With this agreement, many sexologists and doctors who shows us what benefits it brings to our emotional and physical state.

We often write about the fact that it is extremely important to start the day with a good breakfast How about to complete this useful habit of morning sex?

To convince you, we will tell you about the 10 reasons why sex is useful in the morning.

1. This is the best way to start a new day

This fact is worth remembering. The vast majority of men experience "morning erection." This phenomenon is also known as tumescencia peneal nocturna, or spontaneous erection, and it is a physiological phenomenon that usually experience in the morning.

This is perfectly normal, the reason lies in relaxing the muscles of the corpora cavernosa and the arteries in the penis. This improves the circulation of blood and its oxygen saturation.

When this occurs, the penis expands in size and hardens, it improves the health.

So Why not take advantage of the fact that biology itself offers us in the morning? This is undoubtedly the best way to start the day. We relax, relieving tension and stress, as well as strengthen the relationship with our partner.

2. Memories of it will make you smile

Morning sex has the advantage that you start the day the most intense way. This is how to start a party with fireworks, something that will accompany you to the end of the day, giving you a positive attitude and good motivation.

3. Morning sex is more useful than vitamins.

We do not exaggerate. These caresses under the blankets, when the morning sun is only the beginning to look in your window, are a real vitamin "cocktail" for the body:

It increases the body's natural defenses.
It improves circulation.
It promotes the production of endorphins, hormones of happiness and tranquility.
It brings positive feelings: you are loved, are welcome All this helps very effectively to deal with depression.

4. Can replace one hour gym

These data certainly surprise you: according to a study conducted at the University of Quebec (Canada), one hour of sex can replace 30 minutes of exercise at the gym.

If every morning to have sex, it will not only improve our physical and emotional health, but it will help us lose weight.

5. If you have few clothes Why not take advantage of this to us?

Are you one of those who likes to sleep in warm pajamas under the covers? Do not remember that it is best to sleep skin to skin, without clothes.

It is beneficial to health, not only because we benefit from the intense heat of the body. We also leave aside all artificial, all the excess clothes when we feel that the time has come for a closer union with the person whom we love.

6. It is the most intimate and magical moment of the day

You are not yet fully woken up, only a little slightly opened your eyelids, and the first thing you see is your partner. You feel his skin, the smell, it touches your skin and hair.

No need for words, at this moment you do not think about any concerns and problems. Be sure to try.

Morning sex - this is your first breath in the morning, it is an intimate experience halfway between dream and reality, rewarding experience that is worth it to experience it every day.

7. Another confirmation of your proximity

Maybe, in the evening before going to bed you tormented doubt, you're a little quarrel, or there were some differences. You do not sleep, yet wake up, you find yourself face to face.

Nothing else matters at the moment, except for the two of you.

It's the perfect way to say what you feel without words, show your love best.

8. Better than coffee, it is a useful addition to the excellent "side effects?

You doubt it? Morning sex is able to cheer you better than 2 cups of coffee and a cold shower. In addition, its benefits and side effects are so positive that you can repeat it as many times as you want.

This is a healthy supplement, which is beneficial for your heart, body and brain.

9. The best way to beauty.

Do you think it's a myth that sex rejuvenates and makes us more attractive?

Let's look at the data:

Orgasm increases the level of estrogen in the body.
This "hormonal explosion" strengthens our hair, smoothes the skin and improves circulation.
Sex makes us feel loved, desired and boosts self-confidence. And happiness is the best tool for beauty.

10. Farewell, complexes.

Morning sex has the advantage that we see each other face to face, the light of dawn finds us what we are, without fear or complexes.

The night has its charm, it is not in doubt, but the light allows us to see clearly the partner, and this picture is more pure, more beautiful.