spouses Pose in a dream tells the truth about marriage

So, in what position he prefers to sleep spouses, can tell a lot about the strength of their marriage - psychologists, new arguments in favor of this statement. The association between the posture in a dream husband and wife, and the strength of their marriage bond has revealed a recent survey.

The study, which was carried out in the framework of international science festival in Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), showed that the couple embraces not random in a dream. Experts have found that partners who prefer to sleep in close proximity to each other - not more than 7 cm - most are happy in the relationship.

According to the researchers, so sleep those who are satisfied with the second half everything, who does not claim to partner and is on an "emotional wave".

But the desire of the spouses to keep away not only the cooling can talk in my sleep, experts say. This habit, according to them, can also occur as a result of great experience of co-existence

"At different halves beds prefer to sleep or those couples who have been married a rift, or people who are in a ratio of about 7-10 years", - established sociologists.

During interrogation they discovered that the most preferred pairs back to back to sleep: among those respondents was almost 72%. As for the couple, sleeping face to face, then those counted only 4% of couples.

What can hide behind it, psychologists have yet to learn.