Obesity hinders save memory

The presence of large amounts of excess weight affects the brain so much that it does not help to have no exercises to strengthen memory, scientists have found. Under normal circumstances, the brain training data are effective in people over 65 which is necessary to maintain the activity of neurons. But for the first time, scientists decided to test the efficacy of exercise for the brain, depending on the index of human body weight. It turned out that the victims of obesity these workouts do not give almost anything.

According to experts, the findings are another illustration of the ugly as overeating and sedentary lifestyle affect all aspects of our lives. Researchers from Indiana University assessed the cognitive abilities of people over 10 years. They are carefully monitored the trajectory of changes of these abilities with age, comparing the performance of people with different body mass.

Observations have shown that the presence of large amounts of excess weight and obesity does drills for brain practically ineffective. This is another proof of the link between obesity and brain function. Previously, other groups of scientists have proved that the victims of obesity is more rapid loss of brain volume in the hippocampus.

And other studies have shown that the loss of excess weight leads to tangible improvements in the functioning of the brain and, in particular, in the strengthening of memory. That is why it is so important to watch your diet and physical activities, especially in the elderly.