Scientists have told us what is dangerous aperitif

A glass of wine before a meal causes us to eat more later, as the learned experts in the field of healthy nutrition. The so-called "effect aperitif" puts the brain into starvation mode.

In many restaurants and at a dinner party before the main meal offers guests an aperitif - a glass of a good wine. But if you care about your figure, try to refuse this temptation. The researchers found that after drinking the feeling of hunger in the body increases, and the person consumes significantly more calories than if he did not drink wine. This "effect aperitif" because the brain goes into starvation mode.

Theoretically, all should be in a different way, because the average glass of wine contains as many as 160 calories. However, researchers from the London Francis Crick Institute found that alcohol activates neurons in the brain, which, in other circumstances, become active only when the feeling of hunger. These signaling pathways can be to blame for the growing appetite after consuming alcohol, which leads us to impose itself in a plate of sweet and a little more high-calorie foods.

We are talking about ethanol's ability to activate AgRP-neurons in the brain that have shown by experiments with laboratory mice. These neurons are active provoke the strongest hunger. Get a small dose of alcohol to mice eating subsequently consumed 20% more food. At the same time blocking the action of AgRP-neurons nullified all the signs of over-eating rodents. The study's authors believe that a person has a similar effect will produce abstinence from alcohol.