The most important nutritional supplements

Experts gathered ten of the most common food additives and tried to tell them impartially.

Glutamate sodium.

The best-known and most controversial additive, behind the label E621 glutamate enhances the flavor and gives it a new shade, called umami. Stable communication with potato chips, burgers, instant noodles to eat, spice mixes and other canned foods, junk foods and dzhankfudom so spoiled sodium glutamate image that the people he styled it as "the silent killer".

She allegedly destroys the brain, spoils vision, cause allergies and drug addiction - after meeting with glutamate normal food for a person ceases to exist. Of these, only the allergy is confirmed. To it is added other side effects such as central nervous system excitation, decrease in hemoglobin levels with regular use, irritation of the mouth and cracked lips. However, neither of which mass genocide is no question - the negative effects apply only to those who are sensitive to the additive as such. The rest of your life and health can not be afraid.

Corn syrup

Corn is found in soft drinks, spices, baked goods. Of course, it is found in fast food. In the food industry it is widely used as a thickener and sweetener dishes, and, moreover, is quite natural, because fructose - a natural sugar, a cheaper than usual, while it is chemically almost identical. If the syrup is added to the product, it will look fresh, tender and did not wither. As for the damage, the back up concerns for the health of people accurate facts, scientists still can not, but because fructose sugar should not be abused, as usual. But if your prejudices prevail, then discard what is listed in the beginning.

Isoflavones soybeans.

Vegans and vegetarians are found in soy reliable comfort, despite the fact that not all aspects of the scientists expressed clearly. Yes, the protein content is comparable to meat and fish, it lowers cholesterol and promotes weight loss. On the other hand, contained in soy inhibits the activity of a particular enzyme proteins and enzymes to help them digest. Also soy violates the development of the endocrine system in children and affects the body during pregnancy.

But what we have learned the word in the subtitle? Isoflavones - are substances that are structurally similar to the female hormone estrogen. In the presence of cancer in the body, estrogen stimulates its growth, but it soy isoflavones can prevent a footprint of estrogens. However, doctors strongly recommend taking soy isoflavones in pure form as a dietary supplement, if there is no absolute certainty in the absence of tumors, and that a medical diagnosis is not under force.

Palm oil

This kind of oil is obtained from the soft part of the fruit of the oil palm. WWF Statistics states that 50% of all packaged products contain in their composition of palm oil. Oil palm fruit is one of the champions of the content of vitamin E, which allows us to speak of it as a preventive tool in the fight against cancer, and vitamin A. The main harm of palm oil is that it contains a significant percentage of saturated fat.

Hydrogenation process oil passes when prepared from liquid solid essentially fat. Again there is no single opinion: due to saturated fat oil creates heart problems, but the presence of vitamins A and E should make the oil useful for cancer prevention. But more often confronted with precisely the converse. They justify the fact that, along with the food there is the red palm oil industrial oil. It is extremely harmful, but its low price pushes its use in the manufacture of ice cream, cookies and cheese.


Gluten or gluten - a complex protein found in cereals. It is thanks to him the dough becomes elastic, and pastries - delicious. But you can find it not only in cereals and baked goods, but also in the yogurt, ice cream and other dairy products, which gives the gluten viscosity. The sausages and alcohol it is also present. But to give up gluten is really only for those who suffer from celiac disease, when the body does not receive the protein and in an attempt to get rid of it causes collateral damage themselves. This results in diabetes, lack of weight gain, depressed state. The number of such people is 1% of the total world population. Is gluten the source of evil for the other 99% - is unknown.


This artificial sweetener sweeter than sugar 200 times. Aspartame is included in the diet sodas, chewing gum without sugar, yogurt, candy and other sugary foods. Aspartame has incurred the wrath of the rays is not for methanol - acid, which is a product of the disintegration of aspartame in the body and supposedly is a carcinogen. Company cancer is depression, headache, allergies - all this allegedly guilty of this sweetener. Either fortunately, or unfortunately, these charges can not even argue the scientists. Recent studies have more to say about the absence of all else harm, but absorb it with buckets still not worth it.

Nitrite sodium.

White powder sodium nitrite plays the role of a preservative, longer maintain its product pleasing to the eye look. Sodium nitrite can be found in the composition of meat and fish products, sausages, smoked ham, and whose bright red - the merit of the preservative. In studies revealed that the reaction of sodium nitrite with amino acids when heated increases the potential for cancer diseases by the use of products held heat treatment in the presence of sodium nitrite. Also found a link between the use of such products and colon cancer, and between frequent consumption of meat containing nitrites and severe respiratory problems.

Phosphoric acid

Another additive, the amount of rumors about which run counter to scientific evidence and, with the experience of life. Phosphoric acid is included in the carbonated drinks to their acidification and its derivatives across in sausages and processed cheeses. Once in the stomach, it increases the acid-base balance in the body in the direction of acidity and to compensate it, the body displaces calcium from bones and teeth. Result - caries and tingling in the stomach. At least, so they say.

However, that's bad luck: stomach acid phosphoric stronger by orders of magnitude, but for some reason we still have not digested themselves. "Coca-Cola" is far from pure acid that demonstrate experiments. Put a human tooth or a piece of meat in a container with pure acid and soda for a few days, and the difference will be enormous - in the soda is not enough acid to cause the structure of bone and meat that damage, which like to frighten little children.

Genetically modified organisms

They themselves are not additive, but may be included in such. Include these notorious organisms on our list let you scale hysteria in society, too worried that the evil scientists are contrary to the laws of nature and cynically distorted on favorite natural products. In the meantime, evidence of their fatal effects on the human body as it was not, and is not, and excitement arise only because of unwillingness to understand the definitions.

Artificial food dyes

Meals "tinted" always. But over time, safe natural dyes pressed synthetic organic compounds that are not found in nature. Studies have shown that use them no, and harm enough for both children and adults: irritability, decreased concentration, mood swings, goiter, allergies, distraction.