From Old New Year!

Revision health info congratulates its readers with the Old New Year!

Old New Year is not an official holiday of the calendar, but it is traditionally celebrated on the night of 13 on January 14.

Old New Year was celebrated according to the Julian calendar, which was in force in Europe until the late 16th century. In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII introduced a new way of chronology, which was named in honor of his Gregorian. In Ukraine and other countries only in 1918 there was a tradition to celebrate two New Year - the Old and New Style.

Two reasons to celebrate the New Year were due to the transition from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian valid, the difference between which is exactly 13 days. The fact that the New Year's holiday continues to celebrate the old style, had contributed Orthodox Church - she refused to move to a new calendar and continued to live according to the Julian calendar.

For modern people Old New Year - an additional opportunity to celebrate favorite holiday, get together with friends and family and once again relive the wonders of New Year's Eve.

On the night of 13 on January 14 there is a tradition to come to visit relatives, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and without an invitation and a warning.

This date is credited with special magical properties, so at midnight is once again to think of your heart's desire - and it will come true!

In this beautiful and historic holiday wish you good health, family comfort, love, all the best! Let the new year will be generous to bright events, pleasant surprises and gives you harmony and good luck!