8 common myths about alcohol

A cold shower will sober up; the older the wine, the better it is; red useful white - you're serious Experts told how it really is?.

8 myths about alcohol

Myth number 1. Dark types of alcohol less harmful

Red wine, dark beer, rum and other spirits, as a rule, contain more antioxidants (flavonoids and polyphenols in beer to wine) than light. Consequently, many opt for dark red and, despite the high caloric content - not so bad also!

In fact: dark types of alcohol can indeed boast a large number of antioxidants in its composition. But besides these useful substances, such alcohol may be present and more kogenerov - is toxic, biologically active components produced in the fermentation process. Just they are the cause of more severe hangover the next morning.

Myth number 2. The older the wine, the better

When choosing a wine, we often pay attention not only to the color, variety, a place of "birth", but also a year of production. It is believed that the older it is, the better the quality, taste and aroma and of course, more expensive. Some even buy the wine and wait for a couple of years before uncorking it and enjoy it.

In fact: it all depends on the type of wine. Some are designed for use in only one year after manufacture. Keep the wine does not make sense, and even contraindicated. There are other wines that just need to "grow up" to be perfect. Furthermore, the amount contained in the wine for the antioxidants, which inhibit tumor formation and inhibit the aging process, decreases with time.

Myth number 3. In the dark beer alcohol percentage is higher than in the bright

Dark beer varieties have a deeper flavor, more carbohydrates and calories. Some speculate that they contain more alcohol because they all supposedly cooked by the method of production of ales and porters, who really have a high percentage of alcohol.

In fact: light beer varieties though are a different color, but it does not affect the degree of alcohol and calories. The color depends on the grains, which have been used for production. Many varieties of dark beers, such as stout, have lower levels of calories and alcohol than light.

Myth number 4. ?result? nausea helps sober up and avoid a hangover

If a person's vomit, so there is no alcohol in the body, and headache and feeling unwell the next day will be.

In fact: alcohol absorption into the blood takes place immediately after the first sip. In such a "reaction" of the organism will contain too little alcohol, and overall well-being is a little affected. If alcohol intoxication caused nausea, the alcohol poisoning of the body has already taken place, and the inevitable hangover.

Myth number 5. Food intake before bedtime will prevent hangovers

Fat slice of pizza before bed will help sober up, to reduce the influence of alcohol and to get rid of a hangover.

In fact: alcohol immediately enters our blood, and any fatty foods at the end of the feast will not affect his conclusion from the body. On the contrary - a combination of fatty food and alcohol adversely affect the operation of the pancreas and other organs and cause acid reflux. All this will cause that alcohol poisoning is even worse than it could be.

Myth number 6. Alcohol kills brain cells

Each use of alcohol a person becomes more stupid because that is simply alcohol damages the brain.

In fact, if drinking alcohol rarely and in small amounts, then nothing to worry about. The use of alcohol may cause temporary inhibition of thinking, but not to the destruction of brain cells. Alcohol damages dendrites that conduct nerve impulses to the body of the neuron and transmit signals from the brain to the body. Neurons - are cells that give rise to physical motor response to stimuli.

The effects of alcohol on the dendrites confirm slurred speech and the inability to pass smoothly and directly, but these effects are temporary, they will not remain with us forever. But, of course, important to note that the constant alcohol abuse can severely harm the health, since alcoholism is most often accompanied by poor nutrition, and other bad habits. Alcohol, unbalanced diet, lack of nutrients in the diet can lead to memory loss and problems with motor coordination.

Myth number 7. Coffee and cold shower will help sober up

Such superkombo 100% eliminate the sleepiness and reduce the effects of alcohol.

In fact: the liver can process about 150 ml of wine, beer or 350 ml or 45 ml of strong drink for one hour. Coffee and cold showers are a little cheer, but not "kicked out" the alcohol from the body and eliminate the consequences of it.

Myth number 8. The dense meal before drinking alcohol will not allow drunk

Food helps to slow down the absorption of alcohol by the body.

In fact: this fact can not be completely refuted. The body begins to absorb the alcohol through the walls of the stomach and small intestine, and if the stomach is full of food, then this process will be slowed down significantly, and intoxication will come soon. Still, it will come.

When food is digested, it will be easier to get alcohol in the blood, and sobriety will be forgotten. The main thing - do not drink on an empty stomach and be aware of its extent.