Traumatologists told about the features of safe movement during ice

Rescuers do not get tired to remind pedestrians that they are not alone, but motorists suffer from icy roads. Because it is important that in extreme weather conditions all were attentive on the roads.

During the ice in any case do not go out and do not run across the street (even on "zebra") before reaching close transport. After all the carriageway no less slippery than the sidewalk, and deceleration of the machine can be difficult, the car can bring, as a result of the problems will not be gathered, neither you nor the driver, says trauma Valentin Brown

During the ice out of the house in advance and how you would not be late, do not run! It is better to be late for 15 minutes and listen to the discontent boss than to miss a month of work and stay at home with plaster! In case of a fall on the roadway, try to quickly get up and move to a safe place, if this is difficult - ask for help or simply passers roll away to the brow. Psychologically, doctors say, people find it difficult to accept such behavior, and they are trying to get as quickly as possible, even if they feel that the damaged bone or ligament - it is fundamentally wrong behavior.

Make shoes less slippery as possible, stick on the sole of the plaster, this is a time to help. You can also tape sticking gross matter, which reduce slippage.

Older people should just wrap the cloth shoes. Good means of fall protection - cane. Thanks to support on three points, you can help protect your joints and reduce the risk of falling three times.