Family life will protect against hip fractures

Family life can protect men and women from dangerous hip fractures, the researchers found. It turned out that married seniors by 50% less experienced with these injuries than their single peers.

Older men at 50% less likely to collide with hip fractures, if married, while among women the danger of this kind of injury is reduced by 30%, depending on the family situation. According to experts, this may be due to the fact that older people are less likely to suffer from malnutrition or depression living with their partners that makes them less fragile and vulnerable. Every year more than 100 thousand Russians at the age of 65 admitted to hospital due to hip fractures. For many older people, this is the main cause of disability and loss of independence for many years, and more - to the end of life.

Senile dementia increases the risk of such injuries, since his victims are three times more likely to experience these fractures, as the statistics show. However, researchers from Universita Zaragoza in Spain have shown that living with a partner older people get the kind of family support, which provides the initial prevention of hip fractures.

In addition, their risk can be reduced by regular exercise, and daily doses of vitamin D. Older people are also important to get enough calories, and especially foods containing adequate levels of protein and calcium. This will protect them from the loss of muscle mass and bone mineral density.

Their findings Spanish researchers have made in the course of monitoring the health of 4800 adults older than 55 years living in Zaragoza. It turned out that women's inability to read increased the risk of hip fractures by 50% and diagnosed depression - 44%. Among men, the risk of these fractures in smokers has doubled, and the risk of disability due to this habit grew three times.