The well-known nutritionist gave advice on how to maintain harmony after 30

Save slender figure after the age of thirty years, it becomes more difficult due to the natural slowing of metabolic processes in the body. The authoritative American nutritionist Lisa Haim shared advice on how not to gain extra weight without dieting.

According to the gurus of nutrition in the diet be sure to include fruits and vegetables with high water content - tomatoes, watermelon, grapefruit, cucumber, etc. Lisa Haim noted that these plant products contain not only vitamins, but also support your body's water balance, which is very important for an active metabolism.

Also, the doctor advises not to have a habit of snacking on a sandwich or chocolate - and strictly hard fruits or vegetables. She explains: such products long chewed, it causes the brain to receive signals about saturation and do not require additional food.

For the body after thirty important to get enough protein, she stressed dietician. "With age, the need for protein increases. After 30 years, women need more protein to maintain muscle mass, and thus the body in shape. In addition, protein foods for a long time retains a sense of satiety, "- said Haim.

In addition, with age, the problem is exacerbated by a lack of calcium, which may also affect the metabolism, it is satisfied. It is more likely to consume foods that contain a lot of calcium, dietician advised.

Another important point for the figure - sweet. Ideally from it should be abandoned completely, and if it is very difficult, yet reduce its use, said Lisa Haim.

"Habitual sweets can be replaced by fruit and dried fruits, dark chocolate. If you want to pamper yourself a sweet, then cook it yourself at home from natural ingredients, "- she recommended.