Non-obvious symptoms suggestive of chronic fatigue

Constant drowsiness, fatigue, low immunity - is not only the symptoms of this dangerous condition. There are also less obvious but important symptoms!

Chronic fatigue syndrome is considered by many doctors is the responsibility zone of the adrenal glands. These organs in your body produce the hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which is called to "defend or flee." The adrenaline you need to respond quickly to a potential increase in the activity of the organism, in other words - to attack. And cortisol, on the other hand, is responsible for the sense of self-preservation, in other words - the flight. Their balance provides all the necessary responses to stress.

In chronic fatigue adrenal glands stop producing the hormones in the required amount, which causes your apathy and depression.

1. You can not do without the sweet

If you do not have a sweet tooth, but can not do without recently chocolate, or you feel dizzy, it quickens the pulse and there is a feeling of anxiety - is a sure symptom of chronic fatigue.

2. it is difficult to concentrate

Your thoughts begin like "jumping" from one to another, doing one thing, you are distracted by the other, and in the end nothing can not finish. There is a feeling of great piles of things that multiply and multiply.

3. You knocks thought

Talking about something, you suddenly discover that you forgot that actually wanted to say, or bogged down in irrelevant details. Your speech is inconsistent, you find it difficult to articulate thought.

4. Do you feel unexplained pain

Most muscle in no way connected with the load or trauma, and more often at night. But there are other manifestations of chronic fatigue: extended headaches, aching bones, pain in the eyes, even though you do not overexert.

5. You are constantly in a state of "slightly unwell?

You do not have pronounced symptoms, like a runny nose, cough or fever, but overall - as if you are about to fall down with ARI. Perche throat, tickling in the nose or laid nose, weakness, and so - a few weeks. Condition does not improve or worsens and medications do not help. It was she, chronic fatigue.

6. Do you have a stomach

You do not have recovered in terms of weight, but below the waist you have formed a decent belly. Do not transgress on the gas accumulation (if you have not eaten anything, provoking flatulence), is a clear sign of total exhaustion.

7. Loss of appetite without weight loss

You almost stopped eating because the food seems tasteless, and no appetite at all, but the weight is on one point? If it lasts more than a week - this is a very alarming bell.

8. lost libido.

You do not want sex, but if the partner persistently trying to seduce you, having just an annoyance, and so more than 7 days in a row? Hit the alarm!

9. Having trouble sleeping

It seems you are now fall from fatigue, but did not get to sleep, you are half the night tossing and turning in bed, and in the morning just can not wake up. A typical embodiment.

10. All items have become three times heavier

Plain bag, which you usually go to work, suddenly you feel very heavy. The usual set of products that you can easily bring home from the store, and now weighs like a ton. Even an umbrella seems somehow unusually massive. Familiar? This chronic fatigue.

So what to do?

1. Prioritize

At one time does not assign more than 1 & minus; 2 really important things and they occupy only.

2. Write lists

To give the brain a rest at least in part to "remember everything", write down all the plans for the day, striking out items as you complete write grocery lists before going to the store, a list of household chores, a list of important phone calls. For a reconciliation with the diary will take a lot less effort than on hold in the memory of all these nuances.

3. Eat fruits

Yes, not too original, but this is how you fill and the lack of sugar, and a lack of vitamins.

4. Take bath.

Even half an hour in water at a comfortable and pleasant music with subdued light - is salvation.

5. Walk

Measured walk before bedtime can help you fall asleep faster, and pedestrian walking support muscle tone.