The response to noise can indicate problems with the heart

People who have a high sensitivity to noise, it makes sense to check your heart. That was the conclusion at the end of the experiment physicians came from Sweden. The researchers said: noise in principle harmful to the health of the heart muscle.

The pilot project took voluntary participation of 110 people, men and women. Participants of the project on the instructions of scientists constantly carried a portable instruments for assessing cardiac rhythm.

As a result of experiments, the doctors concluded that the background noise is capable of a very negative effect on the state of the heart. The authors said that staying in a noisy environment reduces the ability of the myocardium to adapt to the environment - to vary the rhythm in response to any factors.

The fact that the heart loses its ability to "switch" is a major risk factor for heart attack, experts noted. Compounding this quality of individual intolerance of noise - people are particularly susceptible to external noise, it is necessary to treat heart health more closely, they stressed.

Interestingly, the researchers clarify: the heart can be affected even at a small level of noise. "We assessed the level of noise that surrounded the participants in the experiment. It turned out that the heart rate has accelerated with the noise level of 65 decibels, which corresponds to the loud conversation, "- shared their physicians.