How to identify the symptoms of male depression

"Men do not cry" - the widespread stereotype is rooted in the minds of most of the stronger sex in the modern world. Unfortunately, this attitude is not conducive to the preservation of mental and emotional health of male depression in men each year becomes more and more global problem that is exacerbated by social stereotypes.

Especially for those men who are confident that their depression is certainly never touched, experts have found 7 symptoms, identification of which - the best signal for a visit to a psychologist.

Increasing the dose of alcohol

The image of the melancholy man is inextricably linked with the glass, of course, half empty. This character is so versatile that many becomes somehow not comme il faut sad without serving alcohol. The only question is the amount of alcohol consumed and the "event" rate, but immediately come into force the individual characteristics and habits of each organism. In any case, it is better to pay attention to the cause of peeking at the bottom of the bottle immediately, rather than later to treat depressive alcoholism.

Abuse of a distraction from reality

View television programs and series, "surfing" network computer games, and everything else, what can diversify their leisure time, when immoderate use of evidence of attempts to escape from reality. However, they are doomed to failure, because with increasing time escapist reality sessions will not disappear, continuing to put pressure on the subconscious. In addition, the deliberate systematic stimulation of dopamine, for example, by means of frequent masturbation, to induce pleasant sensations can cause complications in hormone levels, exacerbating depression.


Voluntary extension of the labor of the day instead of apathetic felting on the bed - is not the most healthy sign in the diagnosis of mental condition. Typically, such a "workaholism" is accompanied by a shift from family, relationships, personal life and other things. But some progress, caused by excessive zeal, only confusing: Well, how can a suspect something bad, when you see what the results bring your actions.

Uncontrolled irritability

Depressive disorder in most men can not be described as a uniform gray existence, but rather as a dark color with flashes weekdays repressed emotions, mainly anger. Usually this symptom on public display in the form of low-grade irritation and irrepressible cynicism.


Attempts to enjoy a full social life in a depressing, men can also be limited to the avoidance of any involvement in public affairs. From such people usually use less than from plants, because the latter though as silently takes place, but at least it absorbs carbon dioxide, instead of filling the atmosphere of alienation and discontent fluids.

Decreased sex drive

Reduced physical activity in people with vivid symptoms of depression leads to the fact that reduces the production of testosterone, from which a lot depends on the secretion of dopamine. As a result, significantly reduced libido and sex changes from the pleasures of the discharge into the category of unnecessary movements.

Passion risk

Gambling, driving at high speeds and /or in
state. intoxicated, knowingly participate in risky activities - these are just some "innocent" men's ways to cheer yourself. In fact, it turns out that it's just a subconscious desire for death and attempts to find the bottom, to which has yet to fall.