7 easy steps to get rid of fat in the abdomen

Fat in the abdomen - is not only unsightly but also dangerous! The extra kilograms may be an indication of diabetes or other serious diseases, such as cardiovascular system.

But how can relatively quickly solve this problem? Firstly, you need to be realistic. Fat in the abdomen is melted in two weeks.

Yet we must not forget that the metabolic processes in every organism - it is an individual thing. A weight control requires us to constancy in their actions and perseverance, perseverance.

That is, if you deal with that, then everything will turn out? Of course! Experts offer you the 7 simple steps to begin to deal with abdominal fat today.

1. Say "yes" tropical fruits to reduce your belly fat and remove

Tropical fruits such as pineapple and papaya, for instance, contain certain digestive enzymes. They possess anti-inflammatory effect, allow to cope with the accumulated excess fluid in the body and help to better absorb nutrients from food.

We can not forget that a good digestion is synonymous with good health. In addition, the care of the intestine will contribute to cleanse the body of toxins, toxins and other harmful substances and thereby facilitate the fight against excess fat.

How best to eat tropical fruit?

Pineapple is best eaten fresh, adding pieces to the salad (you can combine it with walnuts and spinach).

In the morning, try to cook your own fruit salad of fresh papaya and other fruits.

And, of course, it is natural fresh juices and smoothies from pineapple and papaya.

2. Fruits and vegetables purple

All purple fruits and vegetables are extremely beneficial for our health, but they also help us to control body weight.

However, you should choose them based on their personal preferences, through the power they should not be there.

The thing is that purple fruits contain substances such as lutein, zeaxanthin, resveratrol, vitamin C, fiber, flavonoids, quercetin and ellagic acid. These nutrients can reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol in the body.

They also increase the activity of the immune system.

Finally, to improve our digestion and helps cleanse the body.

Among purple fruits and vegetables are the following:


3. "Yes" monounsaturated fats

Fats to combat fat? It may seem contradictory, but Yes, if it is a monounsaturated fat!

After all, this type of fat is very important for the health of our body and helps us to maintain a slim figure.

There are so-called "healthy" fatty acid, which allow grease to move and thus prevent their accumulation and arrest in the body.

Monounsaturated fats are launching immediately a number of mechanisms to deal with fat deposits in the abdominal area.

Foods rich in omega-9 are the most important, because our bodies can not produce them on their own. They care about the health of our heart, significantly reducing the likelihood of heart attack and stroke.

Below is a small list of foods that are rich in monounsaturated fats:

Olive oil (virgen extra).

4. Soluble fiber

Soluble dietary fiber, or fiber - is something that can help us get rid of the fat in the abdominal area. Among their properties need to select the liquid absorption capacity and becoming a "gel" during the digestive process.

As a result, digestion slows down, we feel a sense of fullness for longer and at the same time from the intestine removes harmful toxins.

So do not doubt these products, they are perfect in order to become part of your daily diet:

Oats, bran, rye
Carrots, leeks, asparagus.

5. The infusion of sage

Today, at any pharmacy you can buy ready-to-brew bags with sage easily.

Sage tea helps to cleanse the body of toxins and to cope with such unpleasant phenomenon of constipation. And it helps to reduce abdominal fat.

If the goal is the latter, the infusion should be taken every morning on an empty stomach before breakfast.

6. Walking for 30 minutes a day

Walking - this is one of the most useful exercises. It not only enhances the health of the cardiovascular system, but also speeds up our metabolism, while fats go much easier.

7. worked out abdominal area for 30 minutes per day

So now we know how to take care of your diet: drink plenty of fluids, to exclude foods rich in saturated fats, as well as all kinds of sugary drinks.

But in addition to that need and appropriate exercise: exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles. It is necessary to ensure the rigidity of the muscles, and fat will gradually disappear.

Here are some simple exercises that you can do during those 30 minutes.

Do the exercises "strip" and worked out abdominal muscles. To do this:

Take the position of lying on his stomach, face down, lean on the forearms and toes.

The hips should be slightly raised, back straight, neck relaxed.

Hold this position for 15-20 seconds, then relax.

Perform three sets.

Bending legs (twisting) - this exercise will require you a little more effort, but it is very effective:

Sit on the edge of a chair, turning down the back and back legs stretched forward.

Then begin to pull the legs bent at the knees to the chest, straining muscles of the buttocks and abdomen.

Muscles need to be in constant voltage (until you finish training). Try to do 8-10 reps.

Perform three sets.

And do not forget, that dancing, yoga or even simple stretching, too, will become a very useful exercise to get rid of excess fat in the abdominal area.