The most daring fantasies help to lose weight

If you want to succeed in any diet, it is best to put unrealistic goals. This is the conclusion, researchers from the University of Nottingham.

They say that if you set a goal to land on the moon, then at least you will find yourself in the sky among the stars. And for people who want to lose weight, the maximum objective is the most secret psychological weapon, even if it sounds totally unrealistic. A study involving 24000 victims of obesity, are on a 12-month weight loss program found that aligning itself more ambitious targets people lose weight, on average, 19 kg, which constituted about 19% of their body weight.

In contrast, set ourselves a more modest task much less lose weight. The findings completely refute existing among nutritionists recommendation that people should set realistic objectives in the case of weight loss, trying to get rid of the 5% - 10% of its weight. On the other hand, Dieter needs to be planned "to land on the Moon", in order to achieve the most impressive results.

Who is the most popular time to start new diets, as practice shows. Since the new year people often plan to start a new life like a reduction diet or giving up bad habits and exercise. That is why it is necessary to have the most useful information that will help to achieve the desired, the researchers say. And the conclusions of their observations show that the weight loss does not need to put any artificial limitations, and it is better to follow the most iridescent goals.