How to restore the liver after the holidays: domestic Bile

Pain in the right upper quadrant, which appeared after heavy feasts - a signal about the problems in the liver. Alcohol, nicotine, fatty and fried foods are still the holiday "attributes" of the majority of people. Overeating, which accompanies us during the holidays, contributes to disruption of metabolic processes in the liver. The result - is developing non-alcoholic fatty disease.

There are many folk methods and tips on how to cleanse the liver. In fact, as the nutritionists say, to clean the liver itself is not, per se, but the stagnation of bile in the gallbladder. To the bile does not stagnate and liver work better, you should eat foods that have choleretic effect, and mineral water.

To help the liver "samoochistitsya" are some of the products. So it's time to include in the diet:

- Vegetables. In winter, fresh vegetables are not always available, but to make a salad of beets, cabbage, pumpkin can afford each. It is also good to stimulate the excretion of bile greens, cauliflower, and other of its species (broccoli), artichokes, arugula, zucchini;

- Prepare food and fill salads "right" oil. Restore the liver help linseed and sesame oil. More than a budget option - refined sunflower oil. Include in the diet of nuts and pumpkin seeds;

- More "mineral" and less alcohol. If you really want to restore the liver, the alcohol should be deleted altogether. Even beer. Mineral water should be drunk before meals, at 200 grams, it is preferable - sulfate mineral water.

To help the liver to recover faster and to withdraw the accumulated holidays for harmful substances, pay attention to the foods that you eat breakfast and dinner. If you like spice, and you have no problems with the stomach or intestines, then be sure to try to diversify the diet with the help of:

- Coriander. Coriander give steamed vegetables or fresh salads interesting flavor and will help bring the body of heavy metals;

- Turmeric. This spice is very tasty and healthy: Turmeric helps cells regenerate and fights stress. Especially tasty are obtained rice and chicken with turmeric;

- Flax seeds. Flax seeds can add them to a salad of fresh vegetables, and just chewing, washing down with water. Man enough one teaspoon of flax seeds a day.

Breakfast cereals various useful, not sandwiches. A plate of oatmeal, barley or buckwheat and fresh juice - a great healthy breakfast. At dinner, give preference to light food - dairy products or vegetables. However, onions, garlic and radishes in case of problems with the liver or bile stasis can trigger a spasm and pain.

How to quickly clean the liver
If you want to get rid of the liver and bile stasis in the home, the approach to such methods should be reasonable. In any case initially should consult a doctor. Perhaps you have contraindications or specialist may prescribe additional examinations or tests. Also, the doctor will recommend a special cleaning systems specifically for your body.

It is important to know that not all the "advertised" folk remedies helpful. Thus, the use of vegetable oil with lemon to further lying on warmer can cause inflammatory process in the gall bladder and stomach cramps. More safe and useful method of treatment is a liver cleansing rosehip.

Prepare the infusion of rose hips better at night and let it brew. It is necessary to measure out 3 tablespoons Nightingale hips, put them in a thermos and fill with water (half a liter of boiling water). In the morning drink a glass (200 g) infusion, which is first necessary to add three tablespoons of xylitol. This colorless sweetener can be purchased at any pharmacy. After half an hour to consume the remaining infusion of rose hips, but without the addition of xylitol. It is necessary to wait for an hour and then have breakfast with fresh fruit, salad, vegetables or dried fruits.

In the infusion of rose hips strong diuretic effect, so do not plan on that day no activities away from home. For maximum choleretic effect should receive a full course of cleansing: rosehip drink infusion every 3 days for a month.