Doctors have told, what is the secret of any

Some people are lucky enough, they manage to keep the form in the complete absence of concern about what they eat.

At the same time other, even if strict adherence to diet, have weight problems, skin and other consequences of malnutrition. This phenomenon occurs so often that in the end he interested scientists, nutritionists, and that's what we found out about this apparent injustice.

Picture of the world thin man

Studies show that there is much more subtle things in a healthy diet than people think. The strategy of power, which can be called the best, is not only to follow the strict rules, but in the aggregate daily habits. Chief among these scientists call the reception of high quality food, cooking at home, as well as intuitive menus and drawing attention to the internal signals.

The best diet, lack diet.

The poll of people not prone to dieting and having a normal body, showed a few common points. One-third of them do not drink alcohol (absolutely devastating effect on digestion), two-thirds favored a full breakfast with fruit and vegetables, and more than half of all abandoned and carbonated soft sugary drinks.

Intuitive Eating

The ability to listen to the internal signals and to change its menu based on which experts call the universal rule of healthy eating. It requires an effort of only initial failure of the main destroyers - sugar, alcohol, trans fats. Neither of which counting calories it is not - there can be as many as you want.

Mobility and Training

Almost all of the respondents "lucky" I said that is not experiencing any problems with physical activity. As in the case of nutrition, exercise them goes into the category of "intuitive", that is fully in line with their needs and capacities.


English-speaking advocates of a healthy lifestyle are well aware of such a thing as "chitmil" - literally speaking, lunch ploy. It is a meal, during which you can eat whatever they want - from chocolate cake to a huge burger. No restrictions, the main thing to respect one rule - no more than one per week chitmila. This meal will not cause any consequences and go unnoticed for a figure and metabolism. You do not need to abandon his usual power circuit.