Why does fatigue persists - unexpected causes

Also there are lots of illnesses the underlying causes that seamlessly selected vitality, doctors say.

"Junk food?

It turns out that even a one-time snacks in a tent with hot dogs or at a gas station lowers the tone. Rolls, chocolate, cereal bars and other foods in bright packaging abounds rustling sugar and simple carbohydrates. The glycemic index of these snacks exceeds all conceivable limits.

Eating something like this, you dramatically increase the level of sugar in the blood, but after half an hour he promptly falls.

"Roller coaster" with constant jumps and sugar followed by sharp downturns cause fatigue during the day, says dietitian Amy Goodson of Texas Center for Clinical Sports Medicine Ben Hogan. So plan healthy snacks and do not say it's impossible. After all, even at a gas station or in a tent near the metro instead of the burger, you can usually buy a bottle of sour milk or buttermilk.


It is a harbinger and a manifestation of serious disease - sleep apnea - short-term (and sometimes lengthy) stops breathing. "A man goes to sleep, the airway subsides, the blood oxygen saturation falls. Then the brain wakes up and opens the airways. After the man sated with oxygen, all over again. And so to a few hundred times per night. Of course, in the morning, people will feel overwhelmed, "- says Roman Somnology Buzunov.

The causes of snoring are many. This may be an anatomical defect that prevents the normal passage of air (eg, large tonsils, located low sky or a long uvula); maybe enlarged thyroid gland or obese. Find the exact cause can only be a sleep.

Social Networks bedtime

Using gadgets on a dream coming spoils vision and disrupts circadian rhythms. This conclusion was made by the National Sleep Foundation. The fact that the artificial blue light suppresses the "sleep hormone" - melatonin, and the man is more difficult to fall asleep.

But this is not the worst. For example, 20% of people with a dependency on the smartphone are willing to wake up in the night to answer a message or layknut new photo. Of course, the night attached to social networks - not the main reason for the daily apathy, but precisely because of such "drops" formed a "sea" of daily fatigue.


Normally eat in the park the daily - already a reward for work. Completion of water resources afterthought. And in vain!

Fatigue depends on thirst.

Even mild dehydration affects the performance, explains dietitian Amy Goodson. The blood becomes thicker, and the heart pumps it "a slip". Accordingly, it is decreasing the rate at which oxygen is previously received and nutrients into the muscle and internal organs. One sip restore previous operation did not work, so in the most tense moments of the workers follow the sense of thirst and do not let it take away your power.

Jobs vacation.

You're on vacation, even if you do not lie on the beach and on the couch at home! No phone calls, read mail! Preset strict guidance fame: two weeks minimum legal holiday week you will be out of network coverage. Psychologists insist all countries - this is necessary! Otherwise, do not avoid the syndrome of burnout, stress-related disorders and depression. Not to mention the fatigue.

Fear and a strong cultural emphasis on the responsible for the insatiable diligence on vacation, I'm sure Helen Friedman, a clinical psychologist from St. Louis: "Fear is a motivator. Fear of falling behind in work, the fear that you replace fear not fulfill orders by 110%. "

Cultural stereotypes is ruthlessly breaking if they undermine health.

Rest is also necessary to be able. At least once a week. "Arrange a" lazy day ". This is the day when you will do whatever you want. The problem only seems simple. In fact, the eve of the need to prepare seriously - completely free from bytovuhi the next 24 hours and wake up, you need to listen to ourselves, to understand what you really want. This is a rather complex practice - will constantly get into the idea that it is necessary to deliver the shoes to be repaired, to stroke her husband a shirt, check your emails and so on. Throw them, the only way you will really rest and relax "- advises practicing psychologist Natalya Tolstaya.

Dirt in the workplace

Mess in the workplace devastating moral and limits the brain's ability to process information. The same applies to the emotional "weather" in the team: constant skirmishes and intrigues, not only exhausting, but also increases the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). Please note, it may be the cause of your fatigue is just dirt (and in the literal and figurative sense)?

Constant experience

They negatively affect the state of health - both mental and physical. Fear, anxiety tend to accumulate day by day, making the person in emotional disability. Paradoxically, but many people are tripping over themselves to get the moral of "disability".

Intoxicating bedtime

Glass of a different kind, as it helps to relax. But the "calming" effect is extremely deceptive. "First, alcohol depresses the central nervous system, causing sedation," - says Allen Toufay, medical director of the Center for Neurology and Sleep Medicine in New York. "But later, metabolized the alcohol, causing a surge of adrenaline." It is no wonder that sleep shallow tipsy and anxious. As a consequence - the broken in during the day.

Take care of yourself, even in small things, pay more attention to detail, but remember that not all the rules are useful.