How to improve digestion: tips

You eat only a small amount of food, and your stomach rebelled in earnest? Unfortunately, you are not alone in this regard. Flatulence, rumbling in the stomach, colic, heartburn, diarrhea or constipation have long been companions of so many people. And it's not the whole list of unpleasant signals of the digestive tract, which hurts people.

Probably, the cause of all your troubles is in the wrong diet. Recently, we rarely eat at home natural food. Lunch on the run, refined foods with lots of preservatives and chemicals invaded our diet. And it is not surprising that under such conditions, sooner or later, will have problems.

But do not give up. All fixable. Enter in your diet a few adjustments, and your digestive system will certainly thank you.

After waking

So you've just opened my eyes after sleeping. No need to rush to the fridge to fill his stomach and all that will fall under the arm. To start with clean teeth and then drink a glass of cool water. If you do not suffer from acidity, you can add the water a little lemon juice. Regularly drinking water in the morning, you will eventually improve your digestion.

Better more often, but less

It's time to put into practice split meals. Instead of 2-3 meals a day, go for a 5-course meal. Thus portions should be small. The average interval between meals should be at 3:00. The total volume of each of eaten portions should not exceed 250-300 ml. After a couple of weeks you will surely feel the improvement by fractional power. The body gets used to the fact that every 3 hours it receives energy source. Thus, the body slowly begins to readjust to the energy-burning mode rather than postponing reserve.

Taboo on overeating

The main condition for normal digestion - not overeat! Take into service old adage: "If you do not eat, it was sated. If satisfied, the overeaten. If overeaten, it is poisoned. " Ideally, after a meal your stomach must be empty by one-third, so that the process of digestion was successful. From the table you need to wake up with a feeling of easy hunger. Keep in mind that the feeling of fullness will come to you a little later, we need only wait for 15-20 minutes. If you overeat, the severity and discomfort you provided. Against this background, you begin to feel tired, and you want to sleep, it does not contribute to the normal digestion.

Digestive juices

For normal digestion is required to develop normal bile, gastric and pancreatic juice. To enhance the secretion of the above-mentioned bodies is necessary to consume garlic, onion, spices and mustard. If you have no medical contra-indications regarding the use of these products, you can feel free to include them in your diet.

Taboo to extreme temperatures.

For normalization of digestion should avoid eating too hot or too cold food. Eat warm food or food at room temperature. When you eat too hot soups or drinks, ice cream or eat quickly, you thereby irritate too delicate wall of the digestive tract, causing them to perform extra work for temperature stabilization.

More fiber.

Fiber - is the component through which occurs purgation and improve its peristalsis. A lot of fiber found in fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as in the bran. Therefore, to improve digestion often eat bran, adding them gradually in the dishes.