5 effects of a high level of testosterone

Testosterone in the male body is traditionally associated with aggressiveness, increased libido and masculinity. But scientists in the course of various studies have repeatedly come to the conclusion that the effect of this hormone is not as clear.


Published earlier this year, research has shown that testosterone is able to control feelings of empathy and enhance concentration. It turns out that sex hormone breaks the communication between the brain areas that process emotion, reducing the level of empathy. Scientists from the University of Utrecht found that, by acting testosterone doses to a small group of women.

Adoption risks.

Testosterone is responsible for the irrational behavior of men, as established by scientists from Imperial College London. And these are the decisions taken under the influence of heavy doses of testosterone, can shake the financial markets. When the volunteers were given this hormone, and allows you to play computer simulation of the exchange, they put their money into riskier assets.


In 2015 scientists from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland have shown that elevated levels of testosterone makes men prone to corruption. Of course, this phenomenon, according to scientists, is due to violation of the social contract for personal promotion or compensation. These findings were also obtained in the observations of the volunteers.

[/b] Kindness.

Although testosterone lifts the spirit of competition and the degree of aggression, it also makes people good, honest and friendly. At least, such findings were obtained during the observations of women receiving testosterone pills.

[b] Generosity

French researchers have shown that this hormone induces both men to a desire to distribute rewards and punishment. The true alpha males with high testosterone levels are hard to standing lower in the hierarchy, but at the same time, and generous when it comes to the distribution of rewards.