5 "tasty" options for handling days

Fasting days - it's not hard daily fasting and consuming only water. Now you can choose between different options, depending on your taste preferences. Discharge day is held once a week - and there are options for the sweet tooth, and for meat lovers. It's kind of a shake-up for the body, in which you can not only lose weight, but just introduce health in order.

Fasting day on bananas

On the beneficial properties of bananas everybody knows firsthand. Athletes called banana "natural energy" and eat it to restore muscle tissue. Byutigoliki argue that banana beneficial effect on skin condition, and doctors are advised to eat fruit before going to bed - so a victory in the struggle with insomnia will be on your side. Well, nutritionists note: one fasting day on bananas every week - and you will lose weight. The fact is that the fructose contained in banana kills cravings. Also, despite the low calorie banana promotes rapid saturation - take note and fruit snack in the office, rather than cupcakes.

Discharge day on a banana has a lot of variations. You can combine a banana with water (for breakfast, lunch and dinner, eat a banana and drink a glass of water), milk (whisk milk and a banana in a blender), or with cheese.

Fasting day on chocolate

Chocolate fasting days like not only a sweet tooth, but also to those who suffer from high blood pressure. But diabetics should refrain. Of course, it does not fit any chocolate - milk and white tiles air set it aside. Choose dark chocolate, which included at least 80% cocoa.

The discharge day can be build in two ways. Can you eat 10 grams of chocolate before each meal, and can take 80 grams of chocolate consumption and divide it for the whole day. With a special focus on water - you need to drink 1.5 or even 2 liters (although drinking water can only be 3 hours after eaten chocolate servings).

Fasting day on chicken breasts

If you can not without the meat, you'll like this option. 700 grams of boiled chicken spread in equal installments at 6 meals every 3 hours. Drink plenty of water and try to do even without the vegetables. The essence of the handling of the day in a large amount of protein consumed - it speeds up the metabolism and causes the body to produce enzymes that break down fat. By the way, if you add physical activity, you can lose more than 1 kg per day.

Fasting day on fruit cocktail

The essence of the discharge of the day - a large protein intake. Mix in a blender about 500 grams of cottage cheese (much!), 0.5 liters of yogurt and unsweetened fruit - try to do without bananas, grapes and figs. Most of the cocktail should be cottage cheese and yogurt - so you get a big dose of protein, which has a positive effect on metabolism.

By the way, for those who loves vegetables, too, there is an option. Mix yogurt, cottage cheese, cucumber and greens (fit almost any spinach, lettuce, parsley, onions).

Fasting day on apples

The most useful are considered green apples - but be careful with them if you have gastritis or gastric ulcer. During the day crunch apples (of the day will have to eat about a kilogram) and seized cheese. Or drink a glass of mineral water for half an hour before a meal, which will be apples. Apples can be combined with yogurt and honey, and you can eat them as a separate product, even without using the water - so you can help rid the body of excess fluid.