Named the 5 mistakes in the treatment of fungal infections

If you have a fungal infection only desire is the desire of every woman as quickly as possible to get rid of the disease. However, some representatives of the fair sex only aggravate the situation, themselves being aware of it, and here are some useful tips from experts in the treatment of this disorder.

Wearing tight jeans. Irritation of the genital area is one of the most common symptoms of a fungal infection. When wearing tight jeans fresh air in the intimate parts of the female body is limited. This causes an increase in humidity around the vagina, which is a breeding ground for fungi.

Wrong kind of underwear. Did you know that warm and moist environment allows the fungus to grow and grow? Wearing synthetic panties, impermeable to fresh air increases the risk of infections. Choose only underwear made from natural fabrics.

Douching. Good hygiene regime is a crucial part of improving the health status of fungal infections. However, douching vagina to maintain the purity of not only violates the alkaline balance, but also creates favorable conditions for the growth of fungi, thereby worsening the condition.

Eating sugary foods. According to research published PLoSOne, eating large amounts of carbohydrates makes the person susceptible to fungal infections. The risk is even higher for those who suffer from diabetes, the presence of sugar in urine.

Having sex. It is best to abstain from sex, if you treat the fungal infection as intimate exercises cause irritation of the vagina, increasing the risk of infection. Moreover, you risk to pass it to your partner.