How to drink green tea?

Green tea has many benefits for our health. Despite the fact that they have not all proven scientifically, it is known that most of them are actually.

No one, for example, is no longer any doubt that green tea - a rich source of antioxidants, as well as a natural diuretic and a means to achieve the effect of thermogenesis. This drink can protect you from a variety of health problems, even heart disease.

And if you learn how to drink green tea, you can benefit from it 100% benefits for your body, and you will feel the effect of it, you have no reason from him not refuse and will remove it from your diet.

When you prepare a cup of green tea, the taste will depend on many factors: the temperature of the water before the time of the brewing process.

According to connoisseurs and lovers of green tea, the drink has a very rich taste without any bitterness.

If the water is too hot or too long, you brew it in tea leaves, it is very likely that the drink will taste bitter. Conversely, if the water is too cold, then the temperature will not allow the tea to display their flavoring quality.

It is believed that the ideal time for the infusion of green tea leaves depend on size, time of collection, and other factors.

Usually green tea is brewed with water heated to a temperature of 60 & ordm; C- 85 & ordm; C. Then the infusion time is 1-3 minutes.

Depending on how we brewed green tea, varies the amount of stored antioxidants, which are known to be very useful for our health. On this subject was conducted many scientific studies.

And the way we do it, strongly influences the final result.

The size and shape of the tea leaves. Small leaves, as expected, welded faster. Large leaf tea, take a little longer.

Tea bags and loose tea. Of course, the welding of the individual tea leaves is preferable, as new leaves are coming along with the kidneys, branches and so on. As a result, it turns out more tea and tea bags are placed just such a mixture, crushed into small pieces.

Temperature. Boiling water promotes rapid extraction of catechins. However, water of a lower temperature increases the useful properties for our health green tea. This reduces the degradation of compounds such as, for example, gallic acid.

Are there any risks associated with the consumption of green tea?

If too long to brew the tea leaves, the drink turns out very strong, it gets a bitter taste and caffeine content in it increases.

Furthermore, it is possible to us other unnecessary discharge of substances, such as pesticides or heavy metals.

Is it possible to prepare green tea in other ways?

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of the impact of antioxidants to your body, then, when you prepare yourself the next cup of green tea, the leaves soak beforehand for 2 hours in cold water. The taste of the drink will be a very pleasant one.

In addition, you do not lose the useful properties of this product, which is presented to us by nature.

Three little-known benefits of green tea

A number of scientific research confirms that green tea has the following useful properties: it reduces stress, strengthens the heart health and has anti-carcinogenic effect.

Healthy gums and teeth

In a study in 2009 that examined the oral health of 940 people showed that those who drank green tea regularly had healthier gums, in comparison with other participants in the experiment, which it consumed little or no drinking at all.

Each cup of green tea a day significantly reduced the expression of symptoms of periodontal diseases such as bleeding or redness of gums, and dental erosion.

Preventing heart attack

Yet, in the same 2009 were studied, which states that green tea for daily use can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack.

195000 people participated in the survey, confirmed this information. It turns out that the risk of heart attack is reduced by 21% if you drink at least three cups of this drink per day.

Improving brain activity

Green tea may protect your brain against the effects of aging.

In 2006 we carried out research on this subject, in which took part about 1000 people in Japan aged 70 years and older.

It was established as follows: for those people who during their lifetime drinking more green tea, not so strongly manifested signs of weakness or loss of brain functions.

Cognitive disorders are less common in those who drank 4 to 6 cups of this drink per week.

Thus, there is every reason to recommend green tea for regular consumption. And if you want to start drinking it to improve their health, it's time to do it. You may also want, of course, to consult a specialist you trust.