Named the 5 most popular types of dreams

Expert dreams Kelly Bulkley US spoke about the five most popular types of dreams.

The study revealed that 83% of people (77% men and 78% women) had dreams in which they someone attacked or pursued. Another 78% of the subjects had seen in a dream school, or their teachers. By the way, school years dreaming women are much more likely (85% of women vs. 71% men).

The third place among the most common dreams (72%) are erotic. They are mainly seen men (85% compared to 58% of women). Also, people often see in dreams fall - unstable women are more likely. Representatives of the stronger sex, in turn, often see a dream in which they repeatedly try to do something, but they do not work - 67% vs 60% of women.

The researchers note that women dream more often paralyzed by fear, and they are often somewhere late. Dreams of the dead as if they are alive, and vice versa, when the dreams of living men as if they were dead - it is also a more "female" dream.